3 Times Filipinos Failed at SEA Games 2015

The South East Asia Games is a biennial sports event participated by 11 countries from South East Asia.

Of course, my beloved homeland is one of the participating countries in the 28th SEA Games at Singapore. But how are we faring so far. Well, with barely a week at the multi-sports event the Filipinos are already the stars of 2015 SEA Games for these reasons:

1. Singling out an Indonesian female volleyball player for… her “manly” physique.

Action photo by Reuters / Screengrab at seagames2015.com
Action photo by Reuters / Screengrab at seagames2015.com

On June 9, the coach of the Philippine volleyball at the 28th SEA GAMES requested that the organizers, SINGSOC, carry out gender testing on Indonesian woman vollebyball player, Aprilia Santini Manganang, due to her appearance and strong physique. Discrimination much?

2. Diving Flop

Not only by one but two Filipino representatives in the Diving Event. Are they competing in a big time international tournament or diving in a summer resort?

Anyare sa Philippines sa Men’s Singles Diving? Ligo-ligo lang?Welcome to PANSOL, Singapore.

Posted by BV Patrol on Wednesday, June 10, 2015


But as long as they are having fun right? *wiiiiieeee*

3. Inverted Flag… uniform fail

Photos by AFP
Photos by AFP

YAY! We finally won a gold… but what the??? This is certainly good news for us and I congratulate Fil-Am sprinters Eric Cray and Kayla Richardson… but what happened to the Philippine Flag on their uniforms? Are we at war? In fairness, Juico defended the uniform fail and pointed the blame to the suppliers as “supplier error”. However, weren’t they able to check the uniform before the SEA Games? Were we cramming again?


Now before you go hating on me (*cough* butthurt Philippines), this is just for us to realize our mistakes and perhaps correct them in the future. We are competing in a BIG international sports tournament so all eyes are on us. This is not just some regular competition or local tournament. I am no expert, but I believe that before we take part in international matches we should be “prepared” or be good sports, because they are competing not to be laughing stocks of other nations but to bring pride to our country. This is not a circus people this is the SEA Games. #justsaying

In fairness though, Number 2 gave me a good laugh. They might have gotten perfect 0 in the competition but they got perfect 10 in my heart. Massive respect for these guys too for being good sports! Better luck next time guys! 😀



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  • Don Balagtas

    Sis. Watch the vid i posted on Facebook. 🙂 I believe their sync dive should be given credit naman. 🙂

    • Ayos lang they did great din naman hindi ko naman sinabi na olats sila entirely lol… kinompile ko lang un mga kumalat na fail news. nagbigay pugay din naman ako sa kanila so chill wag butthurt.

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