Achieving V-Shaped Face Part 1: Chin Filler at esmé Clinic

Have you ever watched a Korean movie or drama and gushed at how perfectly shaped the Korean superstars are? Koreans have this special addiction in having a V-Shaped face and for some reason this creates a delicate-looking feature.

Park Min Young, photo

There are now ways to achieve this kind of look. One, is either undergo surgery through Jaw reduction or what they call the Facial Contouring or V-Line surgery, which for me is pretty scary but gives permanent effect. Or you can opt for the temporary but less scary alternative, chin filler and botox.

But for today, I will focus more on the “Chin Filler” option on getting that V-Shape.

Honestly, I don’t think I need this as my chin is fine as it is, but for the sake of science (lol), I went ahead and tried this out for myself.

esmé Aesthetic Clinic at Jaya One, one of the reputable aesthetic clinics here in Malaysia, offered to give me “Chin Filler” to help me achieve that V-Shaped feature I’ve always dreamed of.


Of course, first I had a consultation with Dr. Shabnam. She explained to me what filler is and what it does.

“Hyaluronic acid fillers are temporary fillers which are injected under the skin to achieve the goal of rejuvenation. As the name implies, filler is used to fill up hollowness and diminish wrinkles and folds on the face. Filler has increasingly become an important non-surgical technique for facial rejuvenation since it offers a non-invasive way to fend off the earliest sign of facial aging without the need of surgery. Fillers are useful for nasolabial folds, frown line, lip enhancement, skin irregularities as such acne scars, nasal deformities, and other areas that need sculpturing.”

When asked how the procedure for filler goes, she briefly explained…

“Filler injection is performed as an office procedure. The area is properly iced to achieve numbing of both the skin and the underlying tissue, this reduces any pain and discomfort experienced by the patients. The patients can go back immediately after the filler injection and come back for review after one to two weeks.”

But how about the recovery period?

“Most patients can go back to work immediately after filler injection. In small number of cases, minor bruises may occur but this will subside after a few days. “

When I asked how long fillers last, I was told it can go upto 1 to 1.2 years. Suffice to say, I was already feeling really excited to try this procedure out.

First, I was taken to a room. Then Dr. Shabnam took a good look at my chin, measured it then drew a line and some marks on my chin so she knows which areas she’ll inject the filler. She then applied ice on my chin to numb the part. No need for anaesthesia for this one.


When Dr. Shabnam arrived with the needle I felt a bit scared, but the doctor assured it was going to be quick.

2a 2b

Once she inserted the needles, there was a little pain but not too bothersome, just tingly. It was a tad scary because of the needle but in a matter of minutes we were done, the procedure took less than 20 minutes!

The effect was immediate! I can already see the difference!

But of course I had to wait for 2 weeks to see the full result… and tada! Lolove it! 🙂


Again, the procedure only takes a few minutes, it’s not painful and it’s safe. I just felt a bit uneasy in the chin area for a few days but it went away in less than a week. So if you want a temporary increase of chin for V-Shape then you can go try this procedure out!

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    Its really so great process to make such a beautiful V shape look . I really like the way and this is so great .