Aiko Melendez Reveals Her New Look and Body Slimming Secrets

Aiko Melendez was one of the biggest icons during the late 80’s to 90’s. I can still remember her svelte frame and natural beauty all over magazines and tv shows back then. Eventually age and stress caught on to her and she grew to a plus size, which was really depressing for her, she admitted. I bet her fans wondered what happened to her because she used to be very slim.

But have you noticed her latest billboard along Guadalupe EDSA? My goodness her transformation is awesome! I was shocked to see her slimmer with flat tummy to boot.

Aiko Melendez is not only a picture of a fit and fab mom lately, she’s also more than ready to face the world in a whole new light and positive direction. An absolute stunner at 41, she also proves that it’s never too late to redeem your youth and vibrancy through active lifestyle, balanced diet and a little help from a certified professional who can do wonders for your wellness goals

She’s the new Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute endorser. During the press conference with Ms. Aiko and Contours Medical Directer Claudine Roura, who’s famously known as the country’s Vaser Liposcuplture expert, it was revealed that Melendez’s fantastic body change is actually the result of combining exercise, diet and Contours treatments:

  1. Vaser 4D Tummy Tuck—The best option that targets loose skin and muscles and fat deposits in the form of love handles or muffin top, this powerful combo treatment guarantees a shapely silhouette with a more toned appearance of the torso. To add, this highly sophisticated technique not only produces a natural result, bruising and swelling are visibly less so recovery yields shorter amount of time.
  2. Vaser Lipo of Thighs and Arms— Because sometimes no matter how many exercises or nutritional plans we try, truth is there are hard-to-melt fat areas in the body. In addition, saggy, bulky, and disproportioned arms or legs are most ladies’ bane of existence, so for a safe and steady solution, Vaser Lipo is worth considering. With this procedure, not only recovery is quicker, three days being enough to see most patients back to a light version of the normal routine with a slimmer and toner arms or thighs in two to three months.
  3.   Fat transfer to butt—A masterfully planned procedure that combines two of the most   confidence-boosting techniques in one, consider this as the most natural enhancement to firm up and add extra oomph to the butt department. First, a liposuction is performed top the section of the body part that needs to reduce fat, then followed by washing and processing technique of the harvested fat to ensure survival of its tissues preparing for injection. The result? A lifted and firmed up rear that’s unlikely to get rejected by the body, as it’s a matter that came from your own flesh!
  4. Thermitight Skin Tightening for Lower Face and Neck—Achieve a glowing, tighter, and softer skin with this minimally invasive treatment that gently targets specific tissues that delays signs of aging, removes double chin and improves the jawline. Tightening, toning, and smoothening, the procedure involves using injectable RF to heat the dermis of the skin to tighten and stimulate new collagen formation. Much more, the complete procedure involves manageable down time that leaves no scar with almost immediate results that continues to improve as days go by.
  5. Thermibreast Non-Surgical Breast Lifting—Proportioned and plump breasts are not only confidence-boosting, it also adds definition to a woman’s figure. In addition to treating the deeper tissues, Thermibreast tightens and helps in collagen production, thereby helps in providing a decent amount of cleavage and elevating them to a more youthful location. Best of all? No downtime and visible scars, plus it provides lift with just the right measure of sexy.
  6. Thermidry for Underarm Sweating—Excessive underarm sweating is not only messy; it also minimizes anyone’s confidence. So for those who have tried everything to keep this problem at bay, look no further. Safe, more affordable than Botox injections, and lasts for a good number of years, Thermidry for underarm sweating is the best thing worth considering without a downtime.

Aiko showed us pictures of her new figure… suffice to say we were all amazed!

Again the treatments done to her was also coupled with proper diet and exercise because no matter how many times you get treatment if you do not maintain it with discipline then all efforts will be in vain. Thus, Aiko Melendez left us with a wonderful tip:

“Never stop and start by choosing what you eat and decide to be active whatever it takes. While diet and exercise are foolproof anti-aging formula, a little help won’t also hurt especially if you know you’re in a well-trained hand of a certified professional. You know, maintaining is the hardest part but with determination and discipline, nothing is impossible”

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