Amazing Breakthrough Supplement Launched in Malaysia


Are you sickly?

Prone to catching different diseases?

Then it’s time for you to suit up your immune system and protect yourself!

Thankfully, Polilex Sdn Bhd finally unveiled their flagship product, the Polilex, an extraordinary formulation of water-soluble policosanol supplement which is specifically created to strengthen your immune system. Officiated by co-founder of Polilex, Dato’ Sri Lim Kok Cheang and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Hong Kong Nguan, finally disclosed Polilex on June 7. 2015. The event also featured a product briefing by health consultant Dr Angus Tan Peng Kwan.



Polilex is developed using nano-technology and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in Switzerland. Polilex is a natural, food-based and non-toxic policosanol spray and has astonishing health benefits to treat underlying health issues and improve the immune system and physiological functions for ailment prevention.

“Our mission is to be a global marketing leader of natural health products and help to improve the quality of life for millions of people,” said Mr Hong Kong Nguan, CEO of Polilex Sdn Bhd.


Based on studies, Polilex has shown to be very effective in reinforcing the immune system by modulating the nuclear receptors in the nucleus of the cell, thus helping the body in combating and inhibiting illnesses. Studies have shown that Polilex targets and improves key biomarkers associated with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, kidney disease, inflammation and auto immune diseases. Polilex is nothing like any prescription drugs as it is a natural, non-toxic food supplement that has no known side effects. All its ingredients are classified by U.S. FDA as a GRAS product.

The company believes that Polilex is truly WHERE HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY BEGINS.


For further information please contact:
Mr Tang Won Fak
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  • salil

    blv me or not but these things r not good. let the immune system get strong naturally not by supliments. u know bcoz we use antibiotics a lot in everything, now the bacteria are slowly becoming immune to those antibiotics even, soon sm day such microorganisms will rise on which no antibiotic will work. They are called as superbugs from now only

  • Nice thoughts from Mr Hong Kong Nguan, CEO of Polilex Sdn Bhd. And thanks to you for posting it. (whoa)

  • lion-hairt22

    really Amazing …!