Awareness: Tips to Prevent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) with Old Orchard Cranberry Juice

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re too busy to visit the toilet and drink water that just when you thought your day was doing fine your bladder and urethra starts acting up like crazy… before you know it you have UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

I hate UTI! It’s very painful and the burning sensation is very irritating. And that’s why it’s better to prevent this before it strikes and ruin your day. Here are some helpful tips from Philippine-USA registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que, RDN:

  1. Hydrate!!! The rule is pretty simple and yet we often neglect this… drink lots of water everyday. I usually make this mistake a lot and take hydrating for granted. It takes discipline to make drinking water a habit.

“It is human nature to seek water in variety of forms to quench thirst and cool the skin simply because the body is made up of 45 to 75 percent of water”, asserts Que.  “Water helps flush out bacteria that saves your bladder from infections, so keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by consciously drinking water whether or not you are thirsty.” adds Que.

  1. Don’t hold it in… PEE! Again one of the things we put off until later is going to the john to pee. Due to our busy schedule we tend to wait until last minute before we let it out, which is not good! We fall for this a lot, thus the reason why a lot of women suffer from UTI more than once a year. So the golden rule is… Don’t put off your pee the moment you feel it as to prevent bacteria from colonizing in your bladder.

Que prescribes: “Urinating helps regulate blood pressure and removes the body’s waste product called urea–so fully emptying your bladder with adequate fluid intake can ward off not just UTI but kidney stone formation”. 

  1. Keep it clean down there. C’mon women, we know better than to keep our nether region smelling and feeling icky. We are more prone to UTI than men so remember this simple trick of keeping it clean down there:

Wipe your intimate area from front to back all the time and opt for a cotton underwear since it’s more breathable than any material.

  1. Boost your immunity systemDon’t let external factors such as stress compromise your immunity system. It’s always best to get those nutrients in your system, exercise and get enough sleep. Strengthen your defenses agains bacteria!
  1. Make drinking cranberry juice a habit.Apart from being one of the best diuretics out there, it is good to know that drinking cranberry for UTI isn’t just a heresay.

According to Que, “Cranberries contain phytochemicals and antioxidants that help prevent UTI. Its bioactive compounds called proanthocynidins flush out bacteria, specifically E. Coli.” 

Here’s a fun fact… Did you know that Cranberries are distinguished in the nutrition world because they boast various health benefits? Cranberries are a rich source of Flavonoid and Phytonutrient contents called hippuric acid and proanthocyanidin, which provide antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.

My favorite cranberry juice is th Old Orchard Cranberry Juices which are are grown, harvested, and packed in a modern facility in Michigan, USA. Old Orchard Cranberry Juice is available in 3 delicious variants: Cranberry, Apple Cranberry and Cranberry Raspberry. There are also diabetic-friendly variants that contain 75% less sugar and only 20 calories: Healthy Balance Cranberry and Healthy Apple Balance.




So remember ladies, protect your bladder and keep UTI away (‘coz seriously it’s very painful).


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