Bio-Oil My Scar, My Story: The Flawless Legs

According to Dr Nazirin, the common causes of scars among her patients include skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis; second degree skin burns and other injuries caused by accidents, cuts and falls. “Most of the scars look bad in the beginning but its appearance will improve over time with good wound care, some topical treatment such as an oil-based ointment and intake of proper nutrition,” said Dr Nazirin.

Here’s my story:

Before I had my scar on my right leg, I used to have flawless legs. I am proud to say that I really took care of them.

However, back in college, I rode on my cousin’s motorcycle to go cruising around town. Suffice to say that I got into a motorcycle accident that day. It was pretty minor. I just burned my skin on my lower leg. But it never went back to it’s original state and ever since then I have this fugly scar on my right leg. I remember my uncle saying “Well, so much for your flawless legs.”

I felt bad because I remember how smooth and scar less they were. I never found a fix for it.

But now that there’s Bio-Oil, I hope that it will somehow lighten my scar and bring back my flawless leg.

L to R- Dr.Nazirin Ariffin, Low Hooi Wan, Stephanie Ng

Most of us have scars that we obtain from life’s episodes which will serve as memories and lessons; some good and some painful ones. Bio-Oil has embarked on a campaign themed ‘My Scar My Story’ to offer women inspiration and solutions to their scars via a microsite This online platform brings Malaysian women together to share their scar story and solutions to their problems, as a way of inspiring women who are undergoing emotional distress due to their scars.


How about you? What’s your story?

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