Caffeine Is Now Scientifically Proven To Prevent Hair Loss!

A few months after I arrived here in Malaysia I was shocked to find a small bald spot somewhere hidden beneath my hair! I did notice that I was shedding a lot of hair since I arrived here. I don’t know if it was because of the weather or the hot water, because I love taking a bath with heated water. But it was most likely because of stress. I panicked when I saw that bald spot. It looked awful, it would be embarrassing if somebody sees it, good thing it wasn’t too obvious, but still ewww! So I went searching for anti-hair fall shampoos. I became very desparate too look for a hair care regiment to fix this ASAP!

But little did I know that my most favorite drink of all is actually good for my hair… coffee! Well, not entirely, but caffeine is! A research spearheaded by Dr. Adolf Klenk, a leading German researcher of caffeine and its effects on hair loss, has provided proof and sufficient data that caffeine when it goes deep into the hair roots can shield hair from the negative impact of testosteroneTheir research also substantiates caffeine’s effectiveness in fighting hair loss!


At the recent Alpecin conference held at Hilton Hotel last August 19, 2015, Dr. Klenk talked about hair loss and caffeine’s effects on hair loss. He spoke of his many years of hard work, with the help of German research institutes and clinics, and how they were able to find a way to help diminish hair loss by using caffeine. “As everyone would agree, prevention is always better than cure, and caffeine indicates that it can counteract premature hair loss by controlling the negative impact of dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a by-product of testostone in the hair root). It can also protect hair roots against hereditary hair loss in men and support hair for healthy growth” said Dr. Klenk.


Studies made by the University of Jena also backed up Dr. Klenk’s research. Their studies attested that caffeine does guard the hair roots from maulings of testosterone and supply the hair with essential oomph for growth.

Thus, Alpecin created their new Caffeine Shampoo and Liquid that works deep into hair roots to help prevent hair fall and hair loss esp. for men.

When asked if drinking coffee would also provide the same effect, Dr. Klenk answered, “A person would have to consume 40 to 50 cups of coffee to provide the dose of caffeine needed to make its way up to the hair root. Even if you were able to drink that much coffee, it would be extremely toxic, as caffeine is a drug-like substance with serious repercussions when consumed in extreme amounts.”

Could this be the answer to men’s hair loss issues? My guy is trying out the shampoo right now so let’s see the results soon! According to Dr. Klenk’s research, hair fall was lessened after 2 months esp. after the third month, though the strengthening of hair part might take longer depending on the person. I am really excited result on him! I hope that this will help all men with their alopecia problems.

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