ClearAscar: Scar Solution in a Tube

Hey everyone! So I just found out about this scar solution in a tube, which is 100% made of silicone.

Silicone is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars by lightening, flattening and softening scars. It is considered the first line therapy for scar management.

According to Unilab, it is clinically-proven to improve the appearance of scars in 8 weeks! And that includes elevated scars like Keloids and Hypertrophic scars. But of course, it would be best to keep using it until you see improvements in your scar.

Plus it is cheaper than other brands. The 15g tube can last up to 2 months (for a 3-5 inch scar) costs 761.20 PHP only! And the 6g tube is only Php 418.95.

I was thrilled to find out that this can be used for old scars as well! I have this scar on my face that I wanted to flatten out and I am excited to try this out!

However, take note that this may not work well for stretchmarks or acne scars.

The action of the silicone on Clearascar is to soften and flatten scars. If the scar is depressed then the action of the silicone may not work to treat the depressed scar.

Using it is easy too. Here’s how to use Clearascar:

  1. Begin using Clearascar once the wound has completely closed
  2. Make sure the affected skin is clean and dry
  3. Clearascar can be used as early as 5-7 days post surgery to prevent worsening of the scars
  4. Apply a thin layer of Clearascar on the affected area 1-2 times every day
  5. Do not massage the gel on the wound
  6. Allow to completely dry (approximately 2-3 minutes)
  7. Use continuously for a minimum of 3 months, or until you no longer see an improvement in your scar


Clearascar is available in all leading drugstores nationwide such as Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, etc. It is also available online for ordering this link:



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