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I had the pleasure to partake in the recent “Secret Affair” by Clothes Buffet Malaysia (perks of being a Clozette Ambassador hehe). During the affair last December 5 at the Elementum, I was able to experience what the upcoming Clothes Buffet Season 3 has to offer next year! It was like ‘The Hunger Games’ but “fashion edition”! (Hahaha)

We were taken inside a room FULL of clothes and were given 15 minutes to go around and get the clothes we fancy then “try” to stuff all of them in a small zip lock bag WITHOUT destroying it, which was a CHALLENGE! Sadly, I had to give up 3 pieces. But I still got to keep all of the clothes I was able to fit inside the small zip lock bag. And the tops I am wearing here are the ones I was able to take home. These are just half of what I got, I will post more ootd from Clothes Buffet Malaysia next week!

TOPS: Clothes Buffet Malaysia
BOOTS: Cincai Buy
SHADES: Zalora


Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3

Shoppers are presented with access to more than 30,000 pieces in the `buffet area’, where they enter after having paid a flat fee of RM150. Each will receive a 35.5cm x 23cm zip-lock bag and be allowed to grab as many pieces as they can in 15 minutes. As long as they can fit the clothes they’ve picked into their zip-lock bag (and be able to zip it), it’s theirs to take home.

Date:   16th & 17th January 2016 (9:50 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.)

Venue: Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

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  • anah

    love your boots :3

  • Geozo Wong Fui Cheng

    seem interesting. having fun with ootd.

  • Aliza Sara

    Love your selections babe! I havent had the time to try out mine yet :p

  • Emily Lowe

    Love the clothes that you managed to bag. Great coordinates too.

  • Wing Ng

    Your pose look nice 🙂 And also the shirts.

  • Geng Qian

    the outfit look very nice on you! too bad i’m going to miss the january clothes buffet! 🙁

  • Adeline Lee

    you looks gorgeous babe! Nice outfit! 😀

  • Kelly Chin

    Nice outfit matching casual and stylish.

  • What an interesting concept! But that’s such a small bag to fit much argghh in 15 minutes some more! What if they don’t fit?

  • Sharon Lee

    Can’t wait for next half of the post wonder how many clothes you have stuff in hehe! This was definitely a challenge as I manage to grab 5 pieces only ><

  • Miera Nadhirah Tan

    Hey gorgeous babe…. you really look amazing with all that clothes….. good grabs!!!

  • leonamanutd

    you certainly grabbed a lot of tshirts, but they are all really suitable for you

  • Ivy Kam

    I like your casual wears, so effortlessly nice and chic 🙂

  • Low Sze Shin

    Love your outfit!
    Looking forward to your other OOTD!

  • Kylie Wenn

    Young and casual! Fit perfectly on you! Pretty!

  • Misz Aein

    I. Love. Your. Shoes! ! ! ! ! You rock the style.

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    I went to clothes buffet at Parkamaya last Saturday and it hard to choose the clothes due to limitation of time and the plastic bag is small. Haha. At last I still grab 8 clothes

  • SiennyLoves Drawing

    wow! so cool that you managed to win in so many nice pieces of clothes in the tiny bag given! Bravo and samrt girl! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  • xin sheng huo

    Wow~ you managed to bring back so many clothes~ looking forward to read your next ootd post!

  • i must say.. you make any outfit look great!