Review: Denise Beauty House Eyebrow Embroidery

Before I went back to Malaysia, I had a 4D Eyebrow Embroidery in the Philippines but I didn’t like how they shaped my eyebrow. So I had to look for an eyebrow embroidery salon here in Malaysia who could help fix my botched eyebrows.

The owner of Denise Beauty House was kind enough to accommodate me to make my eyebrows look even again. I went to her salon early October. The salon is situated within the Lashlicious salon (2nd floor) in Zone J Bandar Baru Sri Petaling (the entrance is the same row as the Sushi Zento and an ice cream shop).

I was pleased at the ambience of the salon. It was chill and fancy with a waiting area that is a reminiscent of a cafe.

I was taken to a small room where Denise, the owner, took a look at my eyebrows. She carefully analysed my eyebrows, measuring them, making sure that my brows will be balanced.

She then drew the shape, which took about 10-15 minutes.

After lying down, Denise applied anaesthesia cream on top of my eyebrows. We allowed the cream to settle for 15 minutes more.

Denise then took out a device that looks like a tattoo machine (but it’s not) and started doing her thing after she wiped out the anaesthesia cream.

She carefully drew using semi-permanent ink on my eyebrows using the machine. The procedure took about 35 to 40 minutes.

Because of the anaesthesia I did not feel any pain. There was some zapping sensation but it was bearable. But do bear in mind that the pain would depend on your skin and your pain tolerance.

The after effect was magnificent! I loved it!

My eyebrows’ shade was dark brown at first but eventually the dark parts peeled off in a few days, within one week, and revealed a more natural looking eyebrow color.

Do note that some parts may need some touch-up after a few weeks since not all of the ink will settle in the skin easily and may need some retouch. So you need to schedule a touch-up session after 4 weeks from your first session. This touch-up session is free and is part of the package.

I am yet to get a touch-up session with Denise but I will update you all again on the final outcome once I am done with the final session.


This will last for 2 to 3 years but some parts might fade slightly after a year so may need to retouch again.

PRICE: Considering that you save up on eyebrow make-up, eyebrow grooming and time doing eyebrows the RM 680 price very reasonable. Touch-up within 6 months, RM 180. Touch-up after 1 year, RM 300.

Getting 4D or 6D Eyebrow Embroidery is perfect for those who have thin eyebrow hair or those who wants to wake up with perfect eyebrows everyday or fare too lazy to do their eyebrow make-up


DISCLAIMER: Service was done for review purposes (sponsored), however all opinions expressed are solely my own. Photos are taken by yours truly and are not edited.


Denise Beauty House

Limited slots per day, so book your appointment (via whatsapp/wechat or FB or IG) early!

Whatsapp: 019-386 6048

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