Experiencing ESL ONE Genting 2018 PLUS Dota 2 Pro Stars!

January 26, 2018… the day we were brought by Resorts World (RWG) to Genting to experience the exciting main event of the ESL One Genting 2018. It was spectacular and memorable!

We attended the AirAsia x Mineski presscon at First World Hotel Meeting Hall as soon as we arrived Genting. I was able to take some snaps with IceIceIce and Mushi.

Then we went straight to the Media Room where all the team interviews took place. Basically, a team would be taken to the media room to give us a chance to speak to the players.

The first team that came was… Team Liquid. It came as a shock, I wasn’t prepared. Despite the surprise I managed to take a snap with my esports idol, Miracle.

After Team Liquid, another popular team came… Team Secret. I wanted to take a photo with Puppey but we were not allowed to as their management is very strict, so this is all I have.

But the highlight of that day was when Dendi passed by the media room. Everybody just ran out and took pictures with him… me included! I was too shy but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He was extremely nice and kind to his fans. He entertained and accommodated each and everyone with a smile. No wonder he is the Dota 2 and Navi poster boy! Everybody loves him!

I headed out to the Arena of Stars, where the matches were taking place. Upon entering the stadium, I was awed by the beautiful stage set-up of ESL One.

The Qualifiers had Newbee versus Vici Gaming in the first match, where Newbee won with 2-0, followed by Virtus.Pro versus Evil Geniuses, another 0-2 result in favor of EG. The Arena was super packed when VP and EG were onstage and I could really feel the excitement in the crowd.

After the matches, I headed out to my room at First World Hotel to freshen up before going shopping at the SkyAvenue and then partying at RedTail with the rest of the invited media.

With Ohaiyo.


I had less sleep but the day was too jampacked, thank God for the unli RedBull at the media room. The teams that came to the media room were Philippine Pride, TNC.

And then Virtus.Pro came where I got a photo with Ramzes.

I went to Arena of Stars to check out the other parts of the event. There were Dota 2 cosplayers, Fnatic booth, MSi booth… and the booth were I got to buy my Navi shirt and cap! All original Navi merch! I probably spent more than I should but I regret nothing!!! I was thinking of getting those signed by DENDI my love <3

General signing my NAVI shirt.

The matches in the Semis were more than exciting. Team Secret and Newbee were scheduled for the first match, but of course the event will not go by without some dash of drama. Team Secret entered the venue with their surprise stand-in, Ohaiyo. People cheered and screamed for support towards Ohaiyo, making Team Secret the home team that day. Unfortunately, they lost against Newbee with 2-0 result.

My favorite match that day was Team Liquid versus Evil Geniuses. I was rooting for Miracle so bad. My eyes were fixated on his play. My oh my he was good. Instant fave. His performance was impressive thus Team Liquid won against Evil Geniuses beating them with 2-0.

After the matches, I went around SkyAvenue again for some more shopping before heading out to the hotel to retire.


The final day was of course the best part since Finals is always the most exciting. PLUS visiting the media room that day was… NAVI!!!!!!!!!!! I was finally getting my shirt and cap signed! I went looking around the mall for a marker. Spent hours but found nothing, then I thought maybe I’d go to a coffee shop and see if they have a marker I can borrow. So I went to Dalkomm. At the cashier I did see a marker so I thought this was my chance. Luckily, the staff found me charming (ahem look at the pic below) so I thought my chance of getting that marker has now increased. Suffice to say I did end up getting the marker from the staff hehe (charmed!).

Anyway, perfect timing ‘coz when I reached the media room Navi just entered. All I was thinking about was getting Dendi’s autograph… but apparently Dendi’s so in-demand everybody wanted to interview him and take pictures with him. After the long line when finally I was about to ask for his autograph, the manager had to pull him out… I never got his autograph :'( (eventhough he was just right in front of me)

Nevertheless, I had to keep my chin up because my Miracle was playing in the Finals. I hurried to the Arena of Stars. It was best of 5 match between Team Liquid and Newbee. The arena was packed, people were cheering and screaming, very impressive turn out of people. Anyway, I was sof focused watching and the games were exciting. Game 1 and 2 went to Newbee while Game 3 and 4 went to Team Liquid… so the match went all the way to Game 5. It was intense! Team Liquid almost had it but Newbee had to break the curse… beating Team Liquid with 3-2 in the end.

It was pretty devastating as people were really rooting for Team Liquid but Newbee took their revenge from Team Liquid for beating them at TI 2017.

Of course, there was an after party at Red Tail after the match. I went but I left shortly as I was so tired and I wanted to bond with the peeps from Fundeavor.


We went back to KL the next day, Monday, bringing with us good memories from ESL One Genting thanks to ESL One and Resorts World Genting. I enjoyed the company of new media people I met during the event.

The Resorts World Genting PR people were very accommodating and made sure we have everything we need. The ESL One PR, Christopher Flato, was not only cute but he made sure that we get the most out of the event for our coverage.

More than a week has passed but I still have a hang-over from ESL One and I still can remember every single moment. Hopefully, I get to attend next year (if there will be one… for sure there will be hehe) and get that autograph from Dendi.

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