Esme Aesthetic Clinic Introduces Whitening Drip

Let’s face it, there is this obsession for Asian women to have whiter and brighter skin. I am an outgoing person and I love the outdoors so I tend to get tan skin due to sun exposure. In a way, I also want to get whiter skin. Now that I am spending less time doing outdoor activities, I was looking for a way to get whiter and healthier skin. Then a friend mentioned about “Whitening Drips” but had no idea what it is. Coincidentally “Esme Aesthetic Clinic“, a professional beauty clinic in Malaysia, offered to give me whitening drips to find out what it is all about.

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First day, I had a consultation session with one of their professional dermatologists, Dr. Shabnam. She was very friendly and was willingly able to provide answers to all of my queries regarding “Whitening Drips”:

REIA: What is Whitening Drip? What does it do?
DR. SHABNAM: Whitening drip serves to lighten the tone of your skin and even out your skin color.
REIA: What is the procedure?
DR. SHABNAM: Vitamin C and glutathione (major antioxidant) are injected into a pint of normal saline using aseptic technique. The site of injection is identified and disinfected. A butterfly needle is inserted into the vein and the whitening drip is administered intravenously.
REIA: What are the contents?
DR. SHABNAM: It contains vitamin C, collagen and glutathione.
REIA: Is it safe?
DR. SHABNAM: This drip is safe for anyone with a clean bill of health. If you are on medication, have a condition or allergies, it is wise to discuss this with the doctor before proceeding. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. 
REIA: How long before I can see the effect?
DR. SHABNAM: You need to undergo a minimum of 3 to 4 sessions weekly before seeing  a lightening effect. In between drips, you are strongly urged to protect your skin from direct sunlight and use a broad spectrum sunblock properly.
REIA: How long will the effect last?
DR. SHABNAM: With proper care and protection from the sun, the effect can last for 3 – 4 months.
REIA: How many sessions do I need before I can see significant result? How many sessions should I take for maximum result?
DR. SHABNAM: Significant results can be seen in some people with as little as 5-6 sessions. Some require ten sessions – this depends on the type and condition of one’s skin. For maximum results, it is recommended that ten sessions be undertaken, each session a week apart followed by maintenance drip every 6 weeks to 2 months. 

I was later lead to a chill looking lounge area with comfy chairs. There’s also a small TV in the lounge with loads of satellite channels to choose from. I turned the channel to HBO (hehehe) so while I was waiting for them to prepare the drip solution I was watching a movie.



Later, the doctor arrived with the whole IV set-up and the drip solution. Somehow, it looked like I am sick and I am being confined in the hospital hahahaha. 😀



Of course, I felt nervous at first since I am scared of needles. But I summoned all my courage and thought “NO PAIN NO GAIN”.


When the needle was first inserted I felt the sting but it was just for a while (yah my reaction is real haha), but it was not painful, there was just the shocking effect when the needle was inserted into my vein.

Yeah, that reaction is real hahaha

Once the IV was inserted everything was smooth sailing. I just relaxed in the comfy chair while watching a movie. It took an hour for the first session and a little less during the second.


A few days after the first session, there was minimum result, it wasn’t very noticeable though. But after a week a friend noticed that I was getting whiter… maybe a shade lighter? After the second session… my skin became whiter and a lot radiant.  Plus my skin became noticeably more hydrated.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a way to get brighter and healthier skin from within.

For more details you may visit their website and their Facebook Page.

ESME Aesthetic Clinic

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