Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse Chic Inspires Women To Be Bold

If there’s anything I hate the most, it’s smelling gross. Bad body odour is my pet peeve. So I grew to love wearing perfume everyday. Like, I would spend bucks just to purchase colognes and perfumes. Back when I was working in Saudi Arabia, I would shop for perfumes every after two months as I spritz perfume all over myself a lot of times in a day (teehee! :D). I could say that I am a perfume addict and I do had a huge collection of perfumes before I went here in Malaysia.

Before getting my hair and make-up done by Estee Lauder

One of my favorite brand of perfume is Estee Lauder. Not only because it’s a reputable brand when it comes to fragrances and cosmetics, but also because their perfumes always smell fantastic.


Just a few months ago (July 2015 to be exact), Estee Lauder launched their new fragrance, a follow up to their Modern Muse perfume… the Modern Muse Chic. At the Modern Muse Chic Roadshow (held in Suria KLCC last August 25, 2015), I was with other Butterfly Project ladies and we were able to experience this new scent and lavish on the aromatic fragrance  of Modern Muse and Modern Muse Chic.



The first thing I noticed when I took a sniff of the Modern Muse Chic was the strong scent of Jasmine. It was pretty sweet and it also has that fruity and woody accent. I would say the aroma was flowery and fruity. Apparently, it also has the vibrant floral scent of Stargazer Lilies and Tuberose Fir Abs, as well as the fruity scent of Davana and Juicy Plum combined with the aroma of Labdanum, Agarwood, Cashmere Woods and Patchouli Blend enhanced with Suede Musks and Madagascar Vanilla.

Beside the Modern Muse Chic perfume is the mango flavored ice cream we got to enjoy during the roadshow.

According to Karyn Khoury, Senior VP of Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide for The Estee Lauder Companies, “The Modern Muse Chic is a bold, new expression of what it means to be Modern Muse. We achieved a compelling creative tenstion through our innovative “dual-impression” fragrance structure. Some will be attracted to the Vivid Floralcy, while other will be drawn to the dark sensuality of the Ebony Woods.

The Packaging: The perfume is bottled in a nice, tall and strong glass bottle with rounded sides. The spritz-cap has a bow design with gold-toned studs.


Though the perfume impressed me so much, however, there is only one way to test if it will work its flirty wonders… and that is to have a guy smell it. Before leaving the roadshow I spritz the Modern Muse Chic on my neck, decolletage and wrists. Then later that night, I gingerly had my guy smell it and he immediately asked what perfume I was wearing.  A few days later he told me, “I really like your new perfume”. AHA! So there you have it! It looks like Modern Muse Chic does not only represents bold, daring and creative women but it is also a guy magnet. 😉



Suggested Retail Price:

RM445 for the 3.4oz / 100ml EDP

RM307 for the 1.7oz / 50ml

RM212 for the 1.0oz / 30ml

Modern Muse Chic is be available at Estée Lauder counters nationwide.

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