EVENT: Shizens X Amber Chia Sharing Session at Mid Valley

This is a late post and I apologise for the lack of updates on my blog site recently. Things have been pretty busy at work and my website was down due to maintenance for almost 2 weeks! But thankfully I was able to take a week of leave to finish whatever pending blog and vlog posts I have. ANYWAY, back to the point of this article!

Let me tell you my experience last November 23, 2017 (wah super backlog) during the Shizens X Amber Chia Beauty Sharing Event held at Mid Valley and Shizens (Isetan The Gardens).

Shizens had a display are in the middle of Mid Valley North Wing showcasing their makeup and skin care products.

At the center of it all is where celebrity Amber Chia took time to share her beauty secrets with us. As a busy supermodel, it’s amazing how Amber still manages to keep her youthful glow and charm, so we just had to know how she’s able to do that!

“Well, I think good skin is a key component of overall beauty and good health, and it can also affect your emotional and mental well-being, how your skin looks can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Skin is one of the first things others notice about you, and it is probably the first thing you notice about yourself when you look in the mirror every morning. It’s difficult to feel attractive without having healthy skin. Even if you slather on a thick layer of foundation each day and look pretty on the outside, you’ll know that underneath your skin isn’t the best. Instead of relying on cosmetics to cover up skin problems, implement a suitable skin care regimen that will help you solve skin issues and maintain healthy skin is the core we need to concern. When you have healthy skin, you are able to face daily activities and life’s challenges with more confidence.” Amber shares.

During the sharing session Amber also shared with us her experience getting pampered at Shizens and why she uses Shizens skincare products:

“Ok, now talk about my beauty experience at Shizens, they provide me a total solution to resolve my skin concerns. Their skin consultant experts offer me a complete skin analysis which let me deeply understand my skin condition before the facial treatment. In every two weeks, they will do a courtesy follow up on my skins’ improvement. Shizens PRO is professional skincare range which cater different skin needs. The ingredients in Shizens PRO is very active and intensive which deliver a better result.”

After the sharing session, Amber lead us to the Shizens shop at Isetan The Gardens, where we checked out tons of Shizens products from facial lotions to foundations.  

But what caught my attention was the Shizens Silky Matte Foundation. It’s a cream foundie and I was able to take home the perfect shade for me. I was very excited to try it out and I was not disappointed with it. It gave me the right amount of cover without making my face look cakey or too made-up. The Silky Matte Foundation works perfectly like a concealer! It’s now my secret to my “no makeup look”!

Before our bonding session with Ms. Chia ended, she left us with this valuable beauty tip, which we all probably know but just too lazy to do:

“It is important to maintain healthy skin, so look for your suitable skin regimen or treatment and have enough rest as it will help you to achieve healthy glowing skin. Always remember, having a good skin is always your confidence booster.”

Well, I certainly agree to that!

Thanks once again to Shizens for the opportunity to be a part of this awesome event!


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