Experience: Trying Out Archery at Kodanda Archery Range in Eastwood

I’m a frustrated archer. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to learn the sport, in fact every time there’s an archer character in a video game I usually select that. So imagine my excitement when I was invited by Juan Manila Express to join him in the newly opened Kodanda Archery Range, premiere spot for archery enthusiasts, in Eastwood.

The experience was so fun! From the moment I wore the protective gear to the time I had to put down my bow.

The staff at Kodanda Archery were very accommodating. They helped me put on the finger tab, arm guard and chest guard… 

… which is by the way a must to put on the protective gear before anything else.

Then they showed me how to hold the bow properly, where to stand, how to actually use the bow and how to aim and hit the target. The bow is 16 pounds so expect your arm to feel strained after the session.

I got to enjoy shooting arrows like Drow Ranger (DOTA 2) for one hour, unlimited arrows… plus really learn the sport, which is very addicting! All for the price 590 Php (per hour)!

Kodanda Archery Range have branches in Makati Cinema Square, BF Homes, MOA and just recently they opened a branch in Eastwood. At first I had a hard time finding the place at Eastwood because it’s at the innermost part of Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood City in Libis. If you get lost just ask the mall guards.

I will definitely go back, this may very well be the sport for me.

Kodanda Archery Range

2nd Floor Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood City in Libis.


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