FWD Life Philippines Collaborates with Mig Ayesa’s Latest Single “Fill My Cup” to Aid Saint Rita Orphanage

I love supporting projects with a cause, especially if the goal is to help charity!

Just recently, I was invited to check out the launch of international singer, Mig Ayesa, latest single entitled “Fill My Cup” at Magic 89.9 studio.


Fyi folks, Mig Ayesa is a Filipino Australian rock singer who was a finalist at the reality TV show Rockstar: INXS and have done numerous stage productions.


Anyway, the interesting thing about the “Fill My Cup” song is that it was purposely made to, not only uplift and inspire its listeners, but also to aid Saint Rita Orphanagea loving home that takes care of abandoned and orphaned children.


“Fill My Cup,” is written and composed in collaboration with international rock singer and actor MiG Ayesa, “Fill My Cup” debut last Tuesday, November 22, 6:00 to 6:30 pm, on radio stations Jam 88.3, Magic 89.9, and 103.5 K-Lite. FWD Life Philippines is donating P50 every time “Fill My Cup” is requested and played on the radio, which will go to the Saint Rita Orphanage.


During a quick interview session, Mig Ayesa explained what the song is all about.

“Fill My Cup is my own personal soundtrack as it echoes my take on life and how I look at opportunities and challenges. It’s all about following your passions, “filling” up life with everything you can and never giving up. There are so many amazing things to see and to do in this world and we shouldn’t let our uncertainties and fears stop us. And that’s exactly what FWD wants to tell everyone—that they will be there to back you up, just in case something goes wrong. Remember, fortune favors the brave and FWD is there to help you be brave,” MiG shared.


And no one can better attest to this than insurance brand FWD Life, the country’s fastest-growing life insurance company.

You can check out “Fill My Cup” song here:

And please, if you get a time, do request for “Fill My Cup” at Jam 88.3, Magic 89.9, and 103.5 K-Lite so you also get to help out the abandoned kids at Saint Rita Orphanage!

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