Garena Cyber Games 2015 Debuts Successfully in Malaysia

The venue was already packed when I arrived. Over 49, 000 excited and happy faces filled up the area for Garena Cyber Games 2015 at Comic Fiesta held in MIECC (Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre) last December 19-20, 2015.


I was honestly impressed with the whole set-up, it felt like I am witnessing an international tournament unfold before me. The stage looked so high-tech and world-class. And one thing that I appreciated the most was that GCG was so organized!

20151219_181659 20151219_183319 20151219_145245

Malaysia’s eSports scene has grown at an unprecedented rate in the last few years, and Garena Cyber Games is a key driver of this growth. This is our first joint eSports championship in Malaysia and we look forward to providing the gaming community with a world-class viewing experience across all genres. – Zhou Junjie, CEO of Garena Singapre and Malaysia.

There also was a redemption booth for goodie bags that Garena graciously prepared for the attending gamers plus a mini shop of Garena products for the fans who want to purchase League of Legends memorabilia.

The Garena Cyber Games 2015 had three tournaments lined of for that day: League of Legends (LoL), EA Sports FIFA Online 3 and Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA). Here are the list of winners:

PHOTO BY: Van Ligutom

League of Legends – The Legend’s Circuit (Malaysia)


1st place: Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Prize: RM 40,000
– Ow Yang “MooN” Jian Hao
– Eric “QaspieL” Sia
– Jasper “13GhostSK” Tan 
– Poon “OzoraVeki” Kok Sing
– Joseph “CoolKitty” Lim
2nd Place: Dulcet Essence
Prize: RM 20,000
– Harsewak “Swak” Singh
– Jonathan “Xare” Chan
– Joshua “Ribena” Chan
– Jason “JaeYoong” Yoong
– Keith “Keisama” Zheng
League of Legends – The Legend’s Circuit (Singapore)
1st place: Corvus
Prize: SGD 15,000


– Charles “.Kra” Teo
– Kenneth “Fraternity” Goh
– Timothy “Ciela” Lim
– Daniel “Revive” Tan 
– Renard “Aeox” Ong
– Luqman “Zancazor” Hakim
– Poongundran “Arkane” Ranganathan
2nd place: Resonance
Prize: SGD 7,500
– Dominic “Arykelic” Loh
– Lim “Enerexis Zheng Ying
– Ang “Rayne” Jia Lun
– Alvin “Ares” Tan
– Bryan “Snow” Lim

FIFA Online 3 – Kejohanan Bintang Malaysia 

Team Perlis 
Prize: RM 10 000
PerlisTeamJr (captain)
1st runner-up:-
Team Penang A 
Prize: RM 5 000
UltrasKedahXI (captain)
2nd runner-up:-
Team Selangor A (RM 2400)
Prize: RM 2 400
Sekaiichi (captain)
Alliance of Valiant Arms – AVA Premier Cup
Champion : Allegiance
Prize: RM 30 000
1) R0NG ( Tian Rong)
2) 3asy (Bryan tan)
3) eVol ( basil dill Ng)
4) raZe ( Shermond )
5) caye ( Mao Yan)

Runner up : MYOLO
Prize: RM 15 000

1) scoleyx (hilmaan)
2) flameh (attif)
3) wanr0 (syazwan)
4) Lilzxc (hazreel)
5) UDEEN (haffizudin)
3rd place (2 Teams Tied)
Kls team
Prize: RM 7 500
1) Envvy (Aswan)
2) meel (shamel )
3) wan (norazwan)
4) bulaat (allef)
5) naeve (masdar)
Prize: RM 7 500
1) akhack (ayrton soh )
2) Zoul (Nicholas)
3) fixatify (dino)
4) ctoe (szeto)
Apart from the tournaments, there was also a cosplay competition that happened on Day 1 where S. Korean celebrity cosplayer, Aza Miyuko of 2AO Design, surprised everyone with her fun surprise performance.
PHOTO BY: Van Ligutom
She also is one of the guest judges of the Cosplay Collision 2015 together with the company’s CEO, Eugene and Director of Photography, Hyung Ah.
And here are the winners:
Cosplay Collision winners
1st place: Danniel Adi Putera
Prize: RM 3,200
Character: Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
PHOTO BY: Van Ligutom
2nd place: Jcos Joseph
Prize: RM 2,200
CharacterBloodmoon Thresh
3rd place: Suannie Clair
Prize: RM 1,200
Character: DJ Sona

Here are more photos from the Cosplay Collision:

PHOTO BY: Van Ligutom
PHOTO BY: Van Ligutom
There was also a Media/VIP lounge specially for the media partners and guests. I was able to hang-out with guest cosplayer Aza Miyuko and the hosts of the event:
20151219_180735 20151219_191806 20151219_192953

At the end of the day, everyone came home tired but with big smiles on their faces.




Garena Cyber Games 2015 is sponsored by:
Hotlink – Title Sponsor and Official Game Reload
Logitech – Main Sponsor and Official Gaming Peripheral
Intel – Main Sponsor
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