Get Your Cashback at Shopback While Shopping at GroupOn!

I have a confession to make… I am an addict… yeah, you read that right! I am an online shopping addict! What’s not to like about it? You get to find good items just by browsing and clicking! Plus you get to do all your shopping at the comforts of your own home, while sitting in a nice comfy couch (yeah yeah I am lazy).

But little did I know that there is actually a better way to shop online now… and get some cash back the more I shop! It’s like I’m getting paid to shop, isn’t that nice?

Where is it you say? It’s at, dubbed as the top cashback and online shopping site in Malaysia!

I got a chance to chat with one of the Shopback staff to know more about them.

ShopBack Team

What is ShopBack all about?
Shopback is an e-commerce online shopping site that offers our customers cashback when they shop through our partner merchants like Zalora, Groupon, Lazada, Hermo and 300+ other local, regional and international merchants. We are constantly adding new merchants every single week so that our customers can get cashback from all of their favourite brands.
What makes Shopback different from purchasing directly from GroupOn, Lazada, Zalora and Hermo?
With ShopBack, you are still purchasing directly from our Groupon, Lazada etc, but when you click through from ShopBack, we can track how much you spend on these merchants using your internet browser cookies. The best thing is, we provide cashback on top of any voucher codes and promo codes from these merchants!
When did Shopback start?
ShopBack is a very young business—we were founded in April 2014.
How can we sign up for Shopback?
Head on over to ShopBack and SIGN UP by using either your email or your Facebook account.
How does purchasing and earning at Shopback work? What is cashback and how does that work?
For starters, you can check out our introductory and tutorial video. The concept behind ShopBack’s cashback mechanism is actually very simple. ShopBack is paid commission from their partnered merchants for driving traffic to their site, and ShopBack shares that commission back to you, the customer! You can get up to 30% of cashback on your order, so you quite literally get paid to shop!
My question though is in the “redeemable in” part, that means we can only use the cashback after 49 days (or whatever days indicated there) right?
Yes that is correct. You can cash out the amount into your bank account or PayPal account once the amount becomes redeemable and provided your redeemable cashback amounts to RM 10.01 (not including any bonus amounts).
Sounds awesome right? I was so shocked at the possibility of earning while shopping so I went ahead and tried it myself.
First, I went to their website: and signed up using my Facebook account.
There were lots of stores to choose from including my favorite online shops like GroupOn, Zalora and Lazada!
I clicked on GroupOn and got redirected to GroupOn’s site! [IMPORTANT: Always stay and purchase within the same window and browser in order to claim your cashback!]
After selecting the item I wanted to purchase and paying…
I got some cash back! And it got reflected on my account within the day!
It’s easy, awesome… and really effective! Imagine buying online and earning from it! Try it!
And here are my purchases from GROUPON via SHOPBACK 😀
** SIGN UP HERE to get instant RM 5.00 on your account! 😀
Get the best promo code for Groupon, on top of cashback here!
Get your cashback in 3 easy steps:

1.     Sign-up and click through to your favourite stores

Just sign-up for a ShopBack account and shop away! Shop from your favourite merchants or discover new stores everyday! When you’ve decided on a merchant, simply click on “Get Cashback” to get redirected to the store’s website and shop as per normal.

2.     Pay on the merchant’s site

Once you’ve clicked through from ShopBack, browse and pay on the merchant’s site. Remember to use the latest voucher codes and promotions as well, so you can get the greatest savings, on top of the cashback!

3.     Get your cashback in your ShopBack account within 2 days

ShopBack can track how much you spent on each store and will credit the amount into your ShopBack account within 48 hours. Once your cashback is ready for redemption, you can cash it out into your bank account or PayPal account at the end of the month.

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