Hello 2016! I Am BACK!

2015 was a BLAST for me. Lots of opportunities and blessings came knocking… I was in a roll!

However, due to all the responsibilities I fell sick and got really stressed. It came to a point wherein I was overwhelmed with┬átons of pending blog posts that I had to finish, back to back events, on top of my day job… by end of the year I was exhausted. But of course, I forced myself to finish all my pending blog posts before the New Year… and I did it! (Notice my last post was December 31, 2015 haha).

I went on a 2-week break after that. I missed going to the movies, enjoying nature, lounging around without worrying about anything and not having to look at my schedule board. I just went out and enjoyed myself. ­čÖé
beach movie
I am not complaining. I loooove blogging and attending events. But I needed a quick breather.

But now I am back! More alive and excited than ever! This month I will be gearing most of my posts towards health, fitness, getting in shape and getting a new look with the theme “New Year, New Me”.

I am looking forward to more events, product reviews and experiences to blog about! I am excited to meet new people and PR and marketing peeps as well as hang out with fellow bloggers in events! More blessings and opportunities to come this 2016!

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