Hide No More: Bio-Oil Encourages Women To Be Skin Confident

When I was younger, I’ve been very shy. I wasn’t too confident with myself as well as with my skin. I felt insecure. Then I started to learn how to put on make-up, which helps in hiding my imperfections and cover-up my uneven skin tone. It came to a point wherein I am scared to go out of the house without make-up.


But now, Bio-Oil is challenging women to “hide no more” and be confident with our own skin. “The desire to encourage confidence in women and men is at the core of this new campaign. Many find that improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks can make them feel more confident. Applying a topical oil such as Bio-Oil, helps improve these skin imperfections that have made them feel insecure, which in turn, can build up an individual’s inner confidence,” says Ms. Low Hooi Wan, the Division Manager of Nuvanta Sdn.Bhd., the official distributor of Bio-Oil in Malaysia.



A number of beauty bloggers were invited to attend Bio-Oil’s campaign event last July 8, 2015 at the Roosts. We were introduced to the wonders of this product, which claims to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. There was also a mini workshop on personal grooming and how to be confident, which was conducted by Yogash, the star stylist behind the Miss Universe Malaysia!



Bio-Oil is a beauty oil that aids in improving the condition of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin.


Apparently, Bio-Oil has won 222 skincare awards since its global launch in 2002, so I am assuming it is that effective. In fact, few of the bloggers who attended the event are actually users of the product and attested to the efficacy of the product and shared their success stories on how Bio-Oil removed their scars and stretch marks.



There were refreshments too courtesy of Roost Cafe in Bangsar. We were served yummy gourmet burgers, fried chicken bites, ravioli and panna cotta.





And of course we were all given a special gift… a box of Bio-Oil to take home and try for ourselves! <3




I actually have scar on my right wrist, caused by a minor burn. I already started using the Bio-Oil on this part. Let’s see if there will be any improvement after a month. I will get back to you on this and let you know. 🙂


Check out their FACEBOOK and WEBSITE for more details.


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  • humi_007

    you know i never use makup evn when i go outside, but i having pimples cz i have allergic problem n this is genetical. i feel very uncomfortable

  • I used Bio oil for my pregnancy stretch marks..and it does works magic..

    • Amazing! 🙂 I am trying it on my scars now see if it will its wonders there too.

  • metalcool–god

    Use Bio-Oil all to be a beauty like reiayunan

  • Coachinnepal

    Dnt use oil in ua face except tthis 😉

  • shinningg

    Is it for only female?

    • awesome thanks for visiting! What is your mig ID?

  • xcrosx

    Got it dear keep sharing more 🙂

  • lion-hairt22

    Seems to be effective product I advise all women to try it

  • after reading description on your website I’m 100% sure it will work. but the question is that can it be applied by anyone??

    • Yup anyone… this is not only for female… everybody even guys need to moisturize their skin.