I AM BACK IN MALAYSIA B*CHEESE! (Comeback to MY Blogging Scene)

It’s been a month since I went back to Malaysia… not for vacation… but to work and reside here in MY again!

I’ve been away for quite some time. I had to go back in the Philippines January 2016 because I had to renew my work visa but was then given a better offer that I decided to stay and work there. Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate events (wherein the previous company I worked in had financial issues), I had to give up that job and move to a different company.

While working in the new company as part of the Marketing team, I soon had an epiphany (lol) and eventually accepted the fact that I want to return to my second home, Malaysia… for so many reasons. However, I never really made an effort to look for a job in Malaysia because I thought it’s impossible for me to find a job here again. But fate proved me wrong. I eventually got recruited by a headhunter and scored a job at eGG Network (Astro). Three weeks later I was flown back to KL and so here I am!

I also started vlogging! And in my 3rd VLOG I talked about the reasons why I wanted to go back here and why I love MY. Watch my vlog below:

Anyway, now that I’m finally back I am excited to go back to blogging here (I really love the blogging community and blogging scene in Malaysia) AND vlog all my fun experiences as well as my adventures here.

Yes, this blog post marks my comeback to the blogging scene here in Malaysia. 😀

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