Worry Free Active Lifestyle and Fitness with Jeunesse Anion!

The thing about monthly period: it’s hard to go to the gym and be active. There’s the discomfort and dysmenorrhea plus that fear of getting the much dreaded “stain”.

Thanks to new technology and innovations, sanitary pads like Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkins, is now giving women reasons not to worry even if we  go Zumba for an hour and party all night!

Jeunesse Anion stays true to its advocacy — to provide sanitary pads and liners that help to do more for your wellness by empowering women to get into the habit with practical healthy living upgrades.

A few weeks back I got to experience an hour of Zumba session, headed by Regine Tolentino, Philippines’ very own “Dance Diva”.



The dance moves were absolutely hyper and we all had to actively move and shake but thanks to Jeunesse I had nothing to worry! I felt protected, fresh and confident even after the session! All I had to worry about was how to hit the right moves!


I was actually chosen by Miss Regine as one of her Top 5 Best Dancers that day and I got to take home a goodie bag courtesy of Clara Ole!


Some women think that fitness only involves rigorous gym routines and they’ll only lose weight if they feel that their muscles are sore. That is untrue. There are many ways of staying fit and no matter what your routine is, it’s better if you put music into it.

We also got to enjoy gastronomic yet healthy cuisines courtesy of Len Santos-Ding, who believes that healthy food does not have to be boring.


It was a truly fun-filled event!


Plus we got to take home awesome stuff from Clara Ole, Simple Cereal, Al Dente Pasta, Dona Elena Olive Oils… and of course Jeunese Anion sanitary napkins!


Despite having tons of things to do (yes I am a very busy person!) I have to make sure that during that “time of the month” I am armed with sanitary napkins that will help relieve menstrual cramps and discomfort as well as protect me from odor and bacteriaI am glad I discovered Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkin!


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