Jungle Magic Provides Trekkers Ticket to the Moon Outdoor Gears

For those who’ve been following me on my social media platforms, you should know that I am outdoorsy and I love trekking mountains and going to beach trips (I adore nature). I also camp a lot, so strong outdoor items are a must for me, especially tents and hammocks.


A month ago before my trip out of KL, D’ Jungle Magic graciously sent me their Parachute Hammock by Ticket to the Moon to try out. The item was surprisingly light and compact that I was able to stuff it right in my small bag. When I got home I checked the material. The fabric was smooth, soft and easy to fold, very compact, so in terms of convenience I would say this is a hassle-free hammock that I can just bring anywhere without worrying about it’s weight. Apparently, it is made out of parachute silk nylon.


I was also given Nautical Ropes for setting up the tent. These are sold separately, and are the easiest and safest setup equipments available. They come in a small pouch, so small it can fit anywhere without taking up much space.


Once we set-up the hammock, I immediately noticed how sturdy and elastic it was. My guy tried to sit on it too, he’s 80 kilos and the hammock was still able to hold him. Apparently, the hammock can take up to 200 kilos of weight! I tried it too, very comfy, as the fabric adjusts to my body, so I took a quick nap on it. Also, it is easy to fold and put back in it’s pouch after I use it. I find it convenient not only for camping but also when hanging out in the park or at home (as long as you have a pole or place to tie the ropes in).

One thing I love about this hammock is that it is quick dry, I once accidentally spilt juice on it and in just a matter of minutes it dried up fast. It is also easy to wash, I just placed it our washing machine then it’s back to it’s new form again.


D’ Jungle Magic also gave me one of their eco-friendly Ticket to the Moon Market bags. I was able to put in all of my dirty and wet laundry in it during my travels. I even brought it with me during grocery shopping and I found out that it can hold up to 20 kilos of items.


Their products are affordable too. The Parachute Hammock is RM 110-245 (mine is worth RM 185), the Nautical Ropes cost RM 40 per pouch while the Supermarket Bag is RM 35.

Over-all, I would think Ticket to the Moon products are must-haves! I would bring them anywhere during my trekking and camping trips. These are available thru D’ Jungle Magic, the official distributor of Ticket to the Moon products and other outdoor gears here in Malaysia. They are also open for international orders as they ship globally too!


For more details and to check out other products Jungle Magic‘s their Facebook Page and Website:

Online Shop: http://djunglemagic.myshopify.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/JungleMagic




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    hmmm nice post is there any way i could buy and get these for Sri Lanka?