Magnum Releases Teaser for Magnum Pink and Magnum Black

Magnum is one of my fave ice cream brands because of its reputation to deliver luxurious ice cream with supreme taste and exceptional flavors.

Apparently, Magnum is releasing two new ice-cream flavors in addition to their line of decadent collection—MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK.


In line with the debut of the upcoming new flavors, Magnum invited us to experience an exciting journey of taste in a private media and bloggers only engagement at the Manum Kuala Lumpur.


The intimate event started with a fun mood/personality test for us to determine our mood color. Then renowned restaurateur, Chef Isadora Chai, gave us a quick chat on how Magnum Pink and Magnum Black represents the various human personalities and moods, which inspired her to craft two desserts that embody personas.


“Tanzanian Chocolate is an exotic chocolate that originates from Tanzania. They are exceptionally well known for their dark chocolate as they give a strong and elegant chocolate taste with some bitterness and a gently acidity. Some even say that it is complex but well balanced, with a nice finished taste! Belgian Chocolate, as most of us know, is one of the finest chocolate, born to be indulged by the royalties. It is unique due to the quality of the ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls” –Mr. Shawn Tan, Category Head of Ice Cream, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

We also got to witness Chef Isadora at work as she demonstrates her creations, presenting two special dishes incorporating the flavors of the forthcoming stars of Magnum—pomegrenate and espresso.





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The dishes served were also remarkably delicious… we were indeed treated to a noteworthy molecular gastronomic experience.

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The official launch is set on March 2016, marking another milestone for Magnum and will allow us all to enjoy new flavors from Magnum.


To find out more on Magnum Pink and Magnum Black (or your Magnum Mood Color) VISIT:



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