Making Great Sandwich with O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

How do you make a sandwich?

First you select your type of bread, cut it in half, toast it then fill it with your selected fillings and sauces. Sounds easy right? Well, it is easy and fun as it sounds. I love sandwiches but making them is not something I usually do. The only time I made an effort in making a good sandwich is when I make a grilled cheese sandwich.


But thanks to O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe and Seeties, I was able to experience how to make an awesome sandwich like a pro.


The exclusive sandwich workshop was scheduled very early in the morning, perfect for breakfast. We were made to select our choice ingredients for our sandwich creation:


– White Bread / traditional style

– Wholemeal Bread / many good source in a single bread

– Wholemeal Shambo / house speciality, Irish Shambo

– Facaccia Shambo / for herb lovers

– Ciabatta / Italian style

– Multigrain / high in complex

Wrappo / good for diet


Main Filling

– Egg

– Egg Mayo

– Plain Chicken

– Chicken Mayo

– Chicken Slice

– Chicken Crisp

– Chicken Sausage

– Mild Spicy Herbs

– Volcanic Chicken

– Piri-Piri Chicken

– Turkey

– Beef

– Plain Tuna

– Tuna Mayo

– Smoke Salmon

– Cheddar Cheese

– Swiss Cheese

– Mozzarella Cheese           

– Brie Cheese

– Feta Cheese

– Parmesan Cheese


– Mixed Peppers

– Roasted Peppers

– Red Onion

– Sweetcorn

– Black Olives

– Croutons

– Pine Nut

– Walnut

– Tomato

– Cucumber

– Lettuce

– Lollo Rosa

– Lollo Bionda

– Watercress

– Sundried

– Roasted Brinjal

– Roasted Zucchini

– Coleslaw


– Basil Pesto

– Cream Cheese

– Honey Mustard

– Aran Island

– Ballymaloe

– Ceasar Dressing

– Italian

– Cranberry

– Guacamole / Made from fresh Avocado

– Houmous

_DSC0411 _DSC0409 _DSC0407


After washing my hands and putting on my gloves, I went ahead to work on my sandwich.


I had a hard time cutting my sandwich in half, I thought it was easy hahaha.

… Struggling…
Still struggling (lol)
… Still struggling (lol)

Then the fun part, the placing of my choice fillings and sauces.





Then we toast for few seconds in a very very hot oven.


A little plating here and there.


And here’s the end product of my creation… O’Briens Irish Sandwich ala Reia!

_DSC0450 _DSC0452 12004123_752255711550820_7050589028534400883_n
Of course, the best part of it all is eating it. And wow, I think I did a pretty good job! Indeed, O’Briens Cafe serves hearty, healthy and wholesome sandwiches.

With the awesome O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe Team… Lawrence and William!
With Audrey and Nicole of Seeties.Me

O’Briens is turning 13 this year, and to celebrate their 13th Anniversay, O’Briens will be offering “RM 13 Create Your Own Toastie”. And on their Anniversary day itself, September 16 (Wednesday), they will be offering an RM10 Sandwich Promo!

Happy 13 O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe!

For more info go to their Website:

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  • I wish to make my own sandwich like in O’ Briens too at home! I only know make simple mayo egg sandwich.

    • Reia San Juan Ayunan

      Hahah I know grilled cheese only hahaha

  • Wow! What a good experience! Make own sandwich? Yes please, I definitely will add so many cheese haha

  • Renae Teo

    Wow what an experience! How I wish I can join too! So did you manage to eat your own sandwich? hehe!

  • zique76

    Sadly, in Malaysia, they don’t serve with Pork Bacons. 🙁 Always get into arguments with O’Brien’s and Subway because of that. Bacons are Pork… Using the name Bacon and have it substitute with Beef or Chicken is just plain wrong.

    – Self Elected Representative of Pork Connoisseur in Malaysia. :p

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Going to grab the promotion later. O’Briens offers a healthy bread.

  • Janice Yeap

    Nice meeting you Reia that day. By the way, I love their sandwiches a lot. It’s so healthy and fresh.

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    How awesome is it that you get to make your own sandwiches! I think it’s an excellent idea for O’Briens to offer this.

  • cindyrina

    You was having so much fun in the kitchen babe. Wow! the heart shape bread??? Send over one sandwich..please! lol

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  • It was so much fun. Great memories and happy to be part of it the other day. 😀

  • Aliza Sara

    That sandwich you just made looks so goooood! I would definitely want my sandwich to be made by a hottie like you 😉 Its great that they let consumers experience on making sandwiches on their own too.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    These sandwiches are looking really yummy and with the variety to choose from is a definitely hit with everyone.

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    Nice sandwich. I loves croissant sandwich.

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