MaxisONE Club’s Romantic Proposal Vid Now In 360 Interactive Video!

Have you heard or seen Maxis’ trending video about a guy proposing to his girlfriend of 8 years 150 feet up in the air? It was a heart-warming video that made a lot of girls envious! I for one wished that I could experience a wedding proposal as dramatic as that!

But… Imagine witnessing that special moment 360 degrees! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, just recently Maxis released a new video of that proposal… in 360 degrees! Amazing how technology is improving nowadays. The first time I’ve seen a 360 degrees video was in Youtube when I was watched Conan O’Brien in San Diego Comic-Con.

My first reaction when I saw the vid was “Wow! This is so amazing! What a lucky couple!”. I spun the video around to see the reactions from the other people with them up in the air. It was a totally fun and astonishing experience.

I invite you to experience this interactive proposal video of MaxisONE Club member Khai and his fiancé Qiu Rong and tell me how you feel about it:

Now, wouldn’t you want this to happen to yourself too? I would. *sigh*

You can also view this video on Facebook (FB 360 video only available on desktop browser):

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  • chekokhan

    Thanks for sharing dear.

  • LOL the chef opening the cover is my friend’s brother xD

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Really scary. I dun even dare to dine on the sky.

  • Yee Wee Ling

    Heard about this dining in the sky but never experienced it before. Must be scary, is it?

  • Hahaha going up to dine there is already very costly to him, plus the set-ups and stuff..must be a really extravagant one

  • cindyrina

    oh my! too nervous to eat my food.:(

  • OMG I wish I can dine on the top too! So challenging and I bet it gonna be amazing experience! xD

  • xin sheng huo

    I want to dine on the top!!! It will be an unforgettable experience~~~

  • Wow wish i can dine on top too!! Sounds very challenging!!

  • Emily Lowe

    It really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And one that will never be forgotten anytime soon!

  • Imagine if she had said “no!” to walk away? Anyways, yes, technology is simply amazing

  • Pamela Yeoh

    looks like is a romantic dining.:) sure heart melts

  • Miera Nadhirah Tan

    Some people are just so lucky.. I never had such luck before… huhuhu

  • Jessie Koo

    Awww romantic. We don’t have so much fancy proposal last time

  • leonamanutd

    so romantic right, i wonder how much he had to spend to get that proposal going haha.

  • omg it so romantic! But I not really dare to getting such surprise when I in the sky, it’s over surprise lol

  • Kelly Chin

    Wow this is such a memorable proposal for the couple

  • super sweet can.. would cost a bomb though 😛

  • Sharon Lee

    Wow until so sweet meh! But for me I would love it to be simple and let the moment be only with him <3 hehe

  • Ivy Kam

    Really romantic, wish my prince can give me some beautiful surprise too one day 🙂

    • Ellie Toh

      But Ivy…you are already married. Hahaha.

  • So romantic!!! I will be blush to tears if that happens on me! XD

  • Ellie Toh

    Very romantic. My husband didn’t propose to me this way. Not exactly romantic. Lol

  • So nice…. Boy who is going to propose is curious now because their girlfriend is going to request something like this! XD

  • Juneci Siong

    Urgh! I hoped to have some romantic proposal too <3

  • yingjie

    ahhh, so sweet!!! 🙂

  • Mofakkharul Hasan Riad

    I have not heard or seen Maxis’ trending video about a guy proposing to his girlfriend of 8 years 150 feet up in the air.360 degree video ! nice work by MaxiONE Club’s member (great_heart31)

  • chekokhan migme

    I have seen this before and was surprised as well after seeing it. Wish and hope I could do this for my girl as well. (Shy)