#MuseBeautyTalk Brings Rani Birring of bollywoodPRO In The Spotlight

I am a self-confessed make-up junkie. I took up make-up artistry course just to master the craft. So when Muse By Watsons invited to join them in their #MuseBeautyTalk event with Miss Rani Birring, founder of  bollywood PROFESSIONAL, I jumped with excitement.

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The event was held at Muse by Watsons Sunway Pyramid last July 25, 2015.

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To be honest I have never heard about this brand before until the event. Rani introduced to us the quality and vibrance of bollywood PROFESSIONAL products in her short talk.

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As it turned out, bollywoodPRO is the number one cosmetic products Bollywood make-up artists use for their superstars in the Bollywood industry. We were also given a chance to ask her questions regarding the products and ask for her expert advice on make-up.

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There were, sweet treats and drinks during the event. Plus we were given make-overs by the the expert bollywood Professional make-up artists. My make-up artist was telling me that bollywoodPRO has been around for 4 years but has been in Malaysia for only 2 years. After the session, I was impressed. Their cosmetics did wonders on my face. I especially loved their foundation and lipstick shades.

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At the end of the event, we were given lovely presents, which I will making a separate review about later.

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Anyway, I was able to get up close and personal with Miss Rani Birring and here’s my short interview with her:

REIA: How did you start in the world of beauty?          

RANI BIRRING: I’ve been interested in beauty forever. I lived all over the world and I watched and studied women all over the world.

REIA: What is bollywood PROFESSIONAL?

RANI BIRRING: It is a treatment make-up brand which can be used in all climates and it’s for all skin tones.

REIA: How did you become interested in putting up bollywood PROFESSIONAL?

RANNI BIRRING: I lived in South Korea for a short while, when I got very excited about beauty, as you know the Koreans are well known for their obsession with beauty. So I became interested in creating a brand which can be worn in the -10 degrees of winters like in Seoul and 40 degrees summer like in Seoul, so we have extremities there.

REIA: How did the name bollywood PROFESSIONAL came up?

RANI BIRRING: People in the street and would come up to me and shout “Bollywood” for some strange reason. They obviously did not see someone like me before.

REIA: How did the brand came about?

RANI BIRRING: After I created the brand I decided to approach the Bollywood movie industry to really get the credibility whether it was good or not, so we really did come up with the highest quality formulations with lots of vitamins and nutrients, created a small line gave up to the make-up artists in Bollywood, they fell in love with and switched on the films and that’s how really Bollywood PROFESSIONALS.

REIA: Who inspired you to start creating this brand?

RANNI BIRRING: The inspiration really did come from seeing the obsession of beauty in Korea. Really the love for beauty and cosmetics I’ve always had it.

REIA: How did you go about in choosing the scent for your fragrances?

RANI BIRRING: First of all, I wanted a scent which is not similar with other perfumes. A lot of fragrances are not that different. You get the florals or the musk and that’s it, and it’s become very boring. So, when it came to selecting fragrance because we’re a very sexy brand, I did want something that men like but women like also. I infused the freshness that women like and usually men like heavier musk, so I infused the two.

I also had a great time chatting with the other bloggers present in the event, getting connected with ladies who are passionate in cosmetics just like me.


bollywood PROFESSIONAL is available online in their website or go to the nearest Muse By Watsons branch.



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