My Awesome Find: Jollibee in Uniqlo T-Shirts!


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When one migrates to another country, craving for food back home is inevitable. Your taste bud will have that strong desire for a certain dish you grew up with that’s not available in the country you’re currently in.

I’ve been yearning to dine at Jollibee again since I left PH–the crunchylicious Chicken Joy with gravy and the yummylicious taste of Champ burger.

Last week, while strolling around NU Sentral, I aimlessly wandered inside UNIQLO and quickly spotted a very familiar logo in one of their graphic tee. At first I thought I was just dreaming so I took a closer look. I thought I saw a bee… I did! I did saw Jollibee!

Apparently, the Japanese clothing brand collaborated with the Pinoy fast food chain to create these limited edition UT or Uniqlo T-shirts and launched the collection last June 1, in time for the brand’s third year anniversary in the Philippines.

I am so lovin’ the designs! And since I am missin’ the bee, I just had to purchase one (RM 24)! The shirt will do for the mean time.

These designs will be available in Uniqlo Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


What is that one food you miss or will miss in your country if you went abroad? Share below.




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  • Wow I didn’t know you left the country already. Anyway, loving the color of that Jollibee shirt!

    • yes i did… 7 months ago hehe! I first saw the yellow and red one… but I thought it looks like metro aid t-shirt so I got the blue hehe

  • dino

    roddicks tapa!

  • salil

    Taylor swift was wear tshirt same like this one. taylor swift was looking as same as you preety reai :p

  • super-cena

    Just amazing

  • Rashid

    i hv no comments simple as sexy 😛

  • lion-hairt22

    hmm very nice t-shirt

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    • Why? Is there something wrong with it?

  • nazi

    it’s nice visiting your blog.