Naked Trekkers and Sabah Quake… Is There Really a Connection?

A controversial post from travel vlogger, Emil Kaminski aka Monkeetime, has been causing quite a stir in Malaysia since it got posted in the morning of June 7. He shared a link to an article wherein a Malaysian government official connected the recent Sabah Quake, that killed 18 people, to a group of trekkers who stripped down on the peak of the Mount Kinabalu. He also added in three photos of himself showing his naked butt on top of the said mountain for good measure.

Naturally this enraged a lot of locals. The scandalous post has created an angry mob and reaped over a thousand shares and comments. The said mountain is considered a “sacred mountain”  to the locals and many believed that the stripping down incident angered the mountain spirits and disrespected the local culture of Malaysia.

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In response to the angry mob, Monkeetime posted a video on his youtube channel on June 8 stating that since he posted the link and photos he’s been getting thousand of hate mails and death threats. Some even went as far as harassing some of his friends online. Emil believes that the locals are overreacting and are irrational over the fact that people are linking the nudity act to the catastrophe thus regarding the claims as superstition.

Check out the video here and see what you think.

In my opinion, there is no connection to the natural disaster and the stripping down of the trekkers. I believe in science.

HOWEVER, I also believe in RESPECTING the culture and beliefs of every country I go to. There are certain acts that may be okay to some nations but is not okay to others. Bottomline is, wherever you go honor the law and customs of the country you are visiting. You are just a visitor.

My prayer goes out to the victims of the Sabah Quake. 

Did the tourists’ actions really caused the natural disaster? Is there really a link? Is everyone overreacting? Share your thoughts below.

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  • salil

    natural disaster no whr is connented to stripping down of clothes by smone. But anyone shd respect the beliefs of people. i dont know why west people many times makes fun of others beliefs. i have seen them wearing shoes and slippers which have gods and godesses pics on them. they shd understand it hurts many.

  • salil

    everyone shd be a good human first then become an atheist, or a religious person or an orthodox person.

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