Opalescence Go for Whiter Teeth On The Go

My parents and sister are dentists. Normally they do the caring of my teeth but despite being a part of a family full of dentists, I never tried any teeth bleaching product before. I did have yellowish teeth until I tried Opalescence Go (it was due to stuff I eat and drink).

When I attended the Opalescence introduction event at Publika a few months back, I received a box of Opalescence Go 10% to try out for myself.


To be honest, it took a while for me to try it out as I didn’t have the time and I am a  coffee addict, I was afraid that my daily coffee consumption would only stain my teeth again. But anyway, finally I took the time to go and do it.

A box contains 10 tray sets, 2 trays each set (one for the upper and one for the lower).


There as indicator in each tray where to put them… U is for upper, L is for lower


I just center the trays, suck it down, remove the outer tray, suck it down again and wear the the invisible tray for about 30 minutes to an hour.



As you probably notice I have braces, it is okay to use Opalescence even if you have braces.

The trays fit comfortably over my teeth. And there is gel inside the tray. The Opalescence gel includes potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF), which actually improves the over-all health of the teeth. The gel actually tastes like melon, it tastes great inside my mouth! It comes in Peach, Melon, and Mint flavors.

I just do the same process everyday until I finished up the whole box. And the end result is pretty amazing. Whiter teeth like it was professionally done! Incredible results in a few days time!


take the tray sets with me anywhere I go as it is light and compact, fits nicely inside my bag. And the good thing is I can use it anywhere as the trays are discreet. I event used it once while going home from an event!

You can purchase a box of these at a reasonable price of RM 550 per kit in your local dentist all over Malaysia. It is also available in Singapore and the Philippines!


Check out more information in their website and Facebook Page.


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  • carinayeoh

    Bright teeth is the key! 😀

  • Jane Chua

    Looks good for a whiter teeth. I really need this to looks pretty.

  • Ellie Toh

    Love the pearly whites. I should try this too.

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    I love this product as it make our teeth white. By the way you have nice teeth