Pinay Roofied in Malaysia Before Jumping a Bridge

Photo courtesy of Jaylene Tan


Photo courtesy of Jaylene Tan
Photo courtesy of Jaylene Tan


A heart-breaking news is spreading around the Filipino Community in Malaysia recently.

A Filipina tourist by the name of April Mencho Botacion was drugged while partying with a bunch of strangers, foreigners to be exact. She arrived in Malaysia on June 4 with a friend for, what is supposed to be, a short vacation.

Apparently, in the midst of her drinking spree on the night of June 8, she suddenly felt nauseous and started hallucinating. According to the victim, she really thinks that someone slipped a roofie in her drink.

Now, here is where it starts to get awry. On June 10, she was then forced to ride a taxi to the airport in spite of her condition, so as not to miss her flight. She told her friends she was still not feeling well. Funny that none of her friends even bothered to come with her to accompany her knowing that she’s not in her right state of mind. Anyway, April said she was still hallucinating and was hearing whispers telling her to jump off a bridge so she’ll get back to reality… and jump she did.

She was found under a bridge near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport the next day, with bruises and cuts, and was brought to the nearest hospital. She also fractured her right leg and had to undergo surgery. Concerned OFWs in Malaysia found out about her and shared her story on social media. One of them was Jaylene Tan who stated:

“Ang problema po now yung hospital na naadmit sya eh ang mahal,nkausap ko mismo ang doctor at suggested to transfer her sa less expensive na hospital. Kaya sana spread natin ito upang makatulong ang Philippine Embassy. Tulungan nyo po akong malaman kung may police report na ba o wala pa kasi yun po ang pinakaimportante.”

(The problem now is the hospital where she’s admitted is expensive. I spoke to doctor personally and (they) suggested to transfer her to a less expensive hospital. So I hope we can spread this to get help from the Philippine Embassy. Help me find out if there’s a police report already because that is important.)


According to Jaylene, April’s hospital bill is giving her another problem because she doesn’t have much to pay off the hospital bills.

Jaylene also said that Botacion is currently confined in Putra Jaya Hospital. Though the Embassy already communicated with Botacion’s family back in the Philippines there is still no update whether or not the Philippine Embassy can help her out with her case. Jaylene also posted:

“She jumped because she’s hallucinating, wala po siya problema. Huwag po natin siya husgahan kung ano man ang nangyari bagkus ipagdasal na lang ntin ang paggaling nya at sana mahuli yung naglagay ng drugs sa inumin nya. Maging leksyon po sana ito sa ating lahat…”

 (She jumped because she’s hallucinating, she have no problems. Let’s not judge whatever happened instead let’s pray for her recovery and hopefully capture the person who put drugs in her drink. Let this be a lesson for everyone.)


The drug result isn’t out yet so we’re not yet entirely sure if she was indeed drugged. However, let this be a lesson for all of us. When going to a different country and you’re on your own, it is always good to be cautious and be safe, especially when you don’t know anybody in that country. Partying with strangers is a no no unless you’re sure you’re with people you can trust. The possibility of someone spiking your drink is high; anybody can take advantage of your innocence remember that.


What are your thoughts? Do you think it is okay to go partying with strangers?


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  • super-cena

    I am really sad to read out the whole article. How people could stoop so low! Some rogue people slipped a roffie in her drink and the result she got faint and hallucination. This is really worst thing can only be done by ill-mannered people. I am shocked that none of her friends had proper care on her. I hope, she will be fine and okay soon.

  • Sad to know about such news. just a word hurts more than everything. 🙁

  • Acee

    Its good that she’s back now. As her neighbor, and i know her from her childhood… It’s her private life and it’s best not to comment things you aren’t sure about.Thanks to our present Mayor.He helped her and even paid her plane ticket back.I know that because my collegue’s husband happened to be one of his men who helped out….even until now.

    • That is good to know. Thanks for updating us 🙂