Playboy Fragrances Launches King and Queen of the Game Scents

Last November 30, 2016, I was very privileged to partake in the launch of Playboy fragrances new scent at the Zouk Club in KL.

The event was elegant and intimate. We were welcomed like royalty and got to take a picture in a sophisticated setting complete with props. We also got to check out the new product and it is amazing!

Consisting of eau de toilette and deodorant spray, the range is an answer to young men wanting to make the leap from boy to men, as well as to bold young woman who are not afraid to make the first move for what they want.

The scents are seductive and sexy definitely inviting attraction, making whoever wears the new scents magnetic.

“Whether you are naughty or nice, Playboy King and Queen of the Game says it best for you. Its complex and alluring scent is perfect for one to play it confident, sophisticated, or sassy in the social arena,” says Carolyn Kong, Marketing Manager of Coty Malaysia Sdn Bhd in her speech during the launch of the range.

The King of the Game, the scent for men, blends lemon, cardamom and black pepper with addictive notes of black coffee, Granny Smith apple and Jägerbomb and is balanced by a sweet but subtle tone of vanilla, cedar and patchoul.

The Queen of the Game is a passionate composition of floral scents for women. It combines jasmine sambac and orange blossom accentuated by passionflower, coffee foam and coffee absolute with delicious notes of chocolate, Tonka bean, cedar and patchouli.

The new Playboy fragrances comes with King and Queen of the Game deodorant spray featuring the SkinTouch Innovation, which is indeed a technological breakthrough.

The formula is designed to retain freshness and fragrance for 24 hours a day. When spraying this deodorant, the encapsulated fragrance beads contained in it are released onto skin and are reactivated throughout the day. When someone touches or caresses your skin, the friction tears the capsule and releases the scent within the bead. In other words, this product allows one to smell fantastic all day, especially during skin-on-skin interaction.

You can now purchase the Playboy’s King and Queen of the Game at major stores and pharmacies all over Malaysia. The King of the Game eau de toilette is priced at RM39.90 while the Queen of the Game retails at RM42.90. Both the deodorants are priced at RM18.90 each.


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