Rapoo Brings VPRO Gaming Gear in the Philippines

The Rapoo brand is not new to me. In fact, I own a Rapoo wireless keyboard and I love it. What I did not know is that the brand also offers a product line of gaming gear!

Rapoo announced last April 3 at Marco Polo Ortigas that Rapoo Gaming Lab is bringing it’s premium gaming brand called VPRO to the Philippine shores.

“Gaming has gotten a lot more serious these past few years, and there are already a lot of Filipino ProGamers who are making a name for themselves in eSports tournaments all over the world.  We want to nurture the passion and talent Filipinos have by letting them experience the gaming gear used by the top CyberAthletes in the world,” says Kyle Guo, Rapoo R&D Director.

Known for its innovative and prime quality product developments, VPRO is the premium gaming brand of Rapoo Gaming Labs.  I was lucky to be one of the first few people to check out their complete range of gaming tools including gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming headsets and gaming mice.


V51S RGB (1, 265 php), V500S AL (2, 020 php), V500S Crystal (2, 110 php), V500L (2, 690 php), V510 (2, 690 php), V500 RGB AL (2, 690 php), V700 RGB AL (3, 365 php), V720S (4, 540 php), V810 (6, 730 php), V720S (4, 540 php)


V25S (1, 245 php), V26 (1, 095 php), V280 (1, 245 php), V310 (2, 190 php)


VH200 (1, 515 PHP), VH600 (2, 945 php)

Their gaming products are not only stylish with incredible build quality but they’re also affordable compared to other gaming peripheral brands. But I am yet to test those out. Thankfully I was able to win a V500 RGB gaming mechanical keyboard during the raffle draw that I can test out and review.

“VPRO’s aim is to take on the deadly serious world of the gaming-peripheral brands with a twinkle in its eye, without taking its eye off the top spot. After all, gaming equipment should do two things: Deliver an awesome experience for the gamer and a real benefit for the gameplay – and do all this while offering great value for money, without being pretentious,” points out VPRO CEO Michael Zeng.

Rapoo’s VPRO gadgets will be available in stores this coming May 2017.

Websites: www.rapoo.com and www.vpro-gaming.com
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