Reducing Ion Therapy: Effects and Benefits of Negative Ions To Our Body

Type “negative ions” on Google and you’ll see a lot of medical researches and articles talking about it’s benefits and great effects to our well-being.

But what are these negative ions and why are they important? Simply put, they are molecules, oxygen atoms if you will, that have gained electrical charge. They are mostly abundant in nature, in water… because they are created in nature. That is why when we take a walk outdoors and take a swim we feel revived. It’s like how people would usually tell us to “go outside and get some fresh air” whenever we feel uptight, it’s true because negative ions also improves our mood. No wonder people living in the provinces surrounded by nature looks younger, happier and healthier.

So now that we know what negative ions are, what do they do? Well, a lot, but here are just some of the benefits:

  • Repair cells, activate cells
  • Improve immune system
  • Promote metabolism
  • Regulate autonomous nerves to normal, reduce pressure and enhance once’s concentration
  • Anti-oxidant, facilitate the removal of free radicals, reinforce collagen, achieve anti-aging

Okay, so we need a lot of negative ions! But since we’re living in the city, how do we get more of them?

A doctor in Japan spent 40 years of research and has developed “Reducing Ion” based on energy of elements in the nature. Ph.D Noboru Horiguchi invented the first patented “Ion Converter”, the only wellness device that produces “negative ions” equivalent to those in nature.



He also created the Mi Energy ET-22, the first and only technology in the world that can naturally improve regeneration and rejuvenation of cells with no side effects. It releases natural negative ions which directly goes into the body system to improve health and youthfulness.


Both devices aims to:

  • Eliminate airborne allergens, bacteria, fungi, viruses and germs
  • Reduce and eliminate harmful positive ions like air pollution, free radicals, UV Rays
  • Purify and Clear Odor, Dust, Pollen and Smoke
  • Enhance mental alertness and aid learning
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Enhance Nutrients and Medicine Absorption by the body
  • Enhance Metabolism
  • Stay free from: Fatigue, Stress, Headache, Sleeping Difficulties, Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Sinus Problems and Constipation, also sickness related to blood, immune system, tumor, nervous, endocrine disease and gynecological disease.

These are widely used in 450 hospitals in Japan, as well as in China!

They are known to have cured a lot of diseases as well as cancer and dengue! Isn’t that amazing?

You may purchase either or both of the reducing ion instruments for personal use, or for more affordable alternative opt for the “Reducing Ion Therapy”.

Many people have gone through the treatment and have revealed astonishing and effective results

I went for a session of the “Reducing Ion Therapy” at Reltec in Damansara a few weeks ago. I had a consultation with one of their professional specialists first before the session. I was told that just by looking at a drop of my blood she’ll be able to see the condition of my body so she took a drop of my blood sample and showed me how my blood cells look like. Not so good and not so bad. However, they were all jammed together like in a traffic jam. She said that And there were some alien looking figures, which the specialist told me were due to “stress”.

_DSC0205 _DSC0202


I was then taken to a dim room with cozy La-Z-Boy Sofa Seats, there was also relaxing music playing in the background. After which, a lady slipped my hands and feet inside the silver pouch things from the ET-22. She then placed the “blower”, which looks like an air purifier, in front of my face. She then left me in the room to relax.

I actually fell asleep and when the session was over after an hour I felt revived. The specialist took another drop of my blood sample to check if there were any improvements. My blood cells separated from each other a bit and the alien looking figures were gone, meaning my stress were lifted out of my system! Amazing!

_DSC0205 _DSC0203

I would definitely go back for more sessions to improve my blood and stress conditions. And perhaps just to add more negative ions into my system.


3 Trial Session of the “Reducing Ion Therapy” costs RM 100. There is also a 30-Day Session Therapy and 3-Months Session Therapy available if in case you need longer therapy sessions for whatever illness you have or just for rejuvenation.



Unit 108, 1st Floor, Block A (Lobby 2) Damansara Intan,

No. 1, Jalan SS20/27,47400, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact no.: 017-257 9616

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