Hotel Review: Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

If there’s anything I enjoyed much during my 2-day vacation in Singapore, it was my stay at the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel. Checking in at Conrad is already a sojourn in itself. A perfect holiday destination to relax and unwind.

The moment I arrived at the hotel the bell boy by the entrance instantly welcomed me and helped me with my luggage. I felt like royalty. Then a friendly staff approached me and recognized who I was, which made me feel special. He then assisted me to my room at the 31st, Executive Floor. The friendly staff who took me to my room was not only affable but also funny. If there’s anything that makes Conrad Centennial Singapore stand out from the other hotels in SG, it’s their outstanding service and cordial crew.

Be greeted by the unique hospitality of Conrad Centennial Singapore the moment you arrive.
Photo Courtesy of Conrad Centennial Singapore

As soon as we stepped out of the elevator I noticed right away that the decors are dated however that didn’t bother me much as they look and feel luxurious.


Imagine my delight when I entered my room. I had a full view of the Marina Bay and it was breathtaking! I nearly didn’t want to leave as I took in the majestic view.



My room is furnished with a posh work table, cozy sofa chair and 46 inch TV with home theater system



_DSC0882      _DSC0807


He showed me the complimentary boxes of chocolates and the limited edition SG 50 teddy bear. I also had a supply of fresh fruits, PLUS a Nespresso coffee machine and Japanese green tea. Not to mention, the mini bar is stocked with beer, alcoholic beverages, canned soft drinks and assortment of snacks.



_DSC0815 _DSC0884

And when he showed me the bathroom, again I was in awe. It was so spacious! I also have a complimentary rubber ducky that later  accompanied me as I soaked myself in a hot bath.



The bed was surprisingly high, and since I was short I felt like a little kid trying to climb up the bed. But the nice staff explained to me that it was necessary since it’s a factor in making it more comfortable. I later found out that their official mattress is Serta. And wow was it comfy! If only I can take the bed home with me haha. Suffice to say, I had a great night sleep (I had to reluctantly get of bed the next day *sigh*). And to top it all off, they are offering a “Pillow Menu”, which is actually a signature of Conrad. It is an extensive selection of 15 types of pillows that you can request, in addition to the pillows provided, for your sleeping pleasure.




Now, let’s talk about the Executive Lounge. It is one of the perks of staying at the Executive Floor. They serve tea and pastries from 2:30pm to 5pm, cocktails and hors d’ouvre from 6pm to 8pm and free flowing drinks all-day until 11pm. A special breakfast spread is served from 6am to 11am at the Executive lounge as well. The selections are not as many as the one at Oscar’s but they were enough for me. The Executive Lounge has a great view as well, if I was given another day to stay at Conrad I would be hangin’ out the whole time there. I actually woke up at 6:30 am just to get my breakfast here.






After enjoying a nice hefty breakfast at the Executive Lounge, I went to the pool area for a dip. The pool is not crowded and it was so spacious. The view from the pool area was awesome as well. I also checked out the fitness area which was pretty neat, but I had no time to work out.



I later ate lunch at the Oscar’s, which had a wide range of international and local cuisine… the food were splendid! I also got a chance to taste their SG 50 dessert (which will be available for sale at The Terrace, the hotel’s bakery, starting July 2015).




I wish I could’ve stayed longer but alas I needed to go back to KL. A day at Conrad Hotel is not enough, take it from me. 😉

For more information check out their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE.

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Two Temasek Boulevard,Singapore, 038982, Singapore

TEL: +65-6334-8888

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