Review: Cavi Slender Trim (Cavitation and RF Treatment) at Skin Place

Been pretty busy with a lot of things recently so I didn’t have time to blog about this… but finally, here’s my blog review of Skin Place’s Cavi Slender Trim that a lot of people are waiting for.

We provide dedicated and reliable aesthetic services for the skin, face and body.  We merge skilled and attentive aestheticians with state-of-the art aesthetic equipment to make lasting and impressive results!  We offer non invasive aesthetic procedures such as non invasive slimming solutions using various mechanical approach and a whole lot more.

A few months back I was privileged to try out the Cavi Slender Trim for 6 sessions. It consists of the cavitation treatment with RF targeting the abdomen and waist. It was perfect as I was getting bulgy in those areas (food is life!).

The process is painless and will only take one hour. Note that you should not eat or drink anything an hour before the procedure.

First, they measured my waist and hips.

Then they applied a gel on my tummy and waist area. The ultrasonic device was then directly applied to the target areas in circular movements.

I felt the device getting warm thus heating the target areas. Though you may feel the heat, it will not burn the skin surface, though there will be mild redness after but it will disappear in a few hours.

Also, every time the device makes contact with my skin I can here sound that I alone can hear. The cavitation part took about 25 minutes.

Later they wrapped my tummy with a toning pad, which is supposed to massage the target areas. This is the RF part and will take another 25 minutes. The process is very ticklish so prepare yourself! I had to bear the ticklish feeling and laugh until I feel numb enough to beat the sensation. I also felt a bit of heat as if my fats were being melted away.

At the end of the session I can felt my abdomen tightened. My measurement during the first session, before I started was 65 cm. (upper abdomen), 71 cm. (waist), 77 cm. (lower abdomen)… and after (in just 1 session) it became 63 cm.(upper abdomen), 71 cm. (waist), 76 cm. (lower abdomen). The waist area was a bit swollen after the session but subsided a few hours later. There was already a result after one session, but not to obvious yet. Do note that you are not to eat an hour after the session as well.

Before First Session Pic

After First Session Pic

This was before the second session…

At the end of the 6 sessions, I noticed that my tummy became smaller and the skin around the area tightened. Though it did not flatten completely, I did lose an inch and a half from when I started.

It is important to note that doing this procedure alone will not make any difference if you will not inject discipline and efforts with it. You still have to mix it with proper diet and workout. Also the result will vary for each person. Do not expect immediate result, like for me 6 sessions was not enough to completely flatten my belly but I did notice significant result after 6 sessions, though I may have to undergo a few more sessions to achieve my desired output.

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