Review: Code Name Fox Escape Room at Breakout Malaysia

I grew up loving The X-Files series watching every episode of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s uncover paranormal phenomena. So when I found out that FOX Channel is once again bringing back my childhood favorite series, I was thrilled.


Imagine my  excitement when I found out that I can actually experience The X-Files in a real-live scenario thanks to Breakout Malaysia.


“For the first time ever in Malaysia, fans can also visit and engage with the FOX characters in person, through the specially designed FOX themed Breakout Room, as part of our ongoing efforts to bring viewers the ‘best in entertainment first’” – Ms. Penny Tan, Marketing Director of FOX International Channels.

Breakout generated a unique FOX themed Breakout Room at Nu Sentral to immerse fans of the series with the whole mystery breaking experience, which is only available from January 23, 2016 until February 23, 2016 only.

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“Breakout is not your conventional escape room game. Our various themed rooms are individually crafted and designed to provide players with mind-boggling puzzles and tasks to be completed within 45 minutes.” – Mr. Leo Ka-Wai, Head of Consumer Marketing & Public Relations, Breakout Malaysia.

I was one of the lucky few who got to experience this limited edition Breakout Room with my partner in crime, Carlo. We both love Sherlock Holmes and The X-Files, so we role-played Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.


A game-master briefed us first on the character selections and how the game works. I chose to be the time bender (which gives us extra 7 minutes inside the room on top of the 45 minutes) and Carlo chose to the “oracle”, wherein he had to remember a bunch of pictures (which hold clues to the mission).

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As we entered the room, we were given our first covert mission as part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) under the orders of Howard Stark, to investigate an off-limit one where crucial information is contained.

We started off fine but got stuck in a few missions… it wasn’t as it easy at it seemed! We were towards the end of the whole operation already but didn’t make it out. WE FAILED! I suppose I cannot be a detective after all… but hey, it was our first time to experience this and we had a whole lot of fun!


Difficulty wise I’d say the puzzles are 3.5/5 while some are 4/5. Fun factor is 5/5!


Do dropby Breakout now and experience this once in lifetime opportunity to play as detectives in the limited only CODE NAME: FOX room at Breakout Malaysia (available only in NU Sentral Shopping Centre), open to public from January 23 to February 23, 2016 only!

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