REVIEW: Fresh Code 7-Days Detox Program

The back to back holiday parties since November until February had me feeling bloated. My tummy was seriously calling for help and I needed to detox fast! I heard of various ways to detoxify and juicing is one of them. Unfortunately, I did not know where or how to start the program. So I was pleased when I was chosen to test out Fresh Code Juice’s 7-Day Detox Program.

Look no further to access a healthier life! Convenient yet astonishingly beneficial to the body, the freshcode juices Family Pack is your ticket to vitality for you and your loved ones. Simply quench your thirst by following our highly recommended 7-days juice program as follows, and your stomach will feel lighten and relieved!

They sent me a box of cold-pressed juices. I was pretty much excited to start the program as it sounded easy to do.


The program is pretty simple, I just need to do the following for the next 7 days:


  1. Drink a glass withough ice
  2. Eat light meal or skip it all together


  1. Drink a glass without ice
  2. Eat light meal


  1. Go jogging for 25 minutes or heat up in the sauna for 15 minutes
  2. Drink a glass without ice
  3. Eat a light meal

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Sounds easy right? Well, if you can stick to the program and if you’re willing to follow through the process with discipline then yes, this is something that will benefit you entirely. I on the other hand had a hard time sticking to the routine plus there’s so much temptation around me!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Fresh Code sent me a box of cold-pressed fruit juices, including one green veggie juice, that I need to take in 7 days.

  • Cold pressed juice involves no chopping or no heat involved in obtaining the juice from the fruits/vegetables. The juices are extracted using a pressing method which produces not only the most juice but yields the most nutrition as well.

I have to keep the packs frozen. So what I do is I put the juice I’ll be drinking the next day in the chiller to defrost the juice so that it will be ready for consumption.


My personal take on this is that, when doing this you have to have the patience, time and discipline to complete the program. There were times I skipped a day because either I forgot or I was out that day. Consistency is the key.

Flavor and taste wise, the juices are very good. It’s just like any fruit juices except you can really taste the freshness of the fruits. My personal favorites are the pineapple juice and lychee juice. However, there was one I did not like and it was the Green Miracle, which was a mixture of beet root, broccoli, parsley and green apple. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of veggie juice.



End result? Well, a week is not enough to lose significant weight, however I did lose a couple of pounds plus I felt lighter inside. The program also helped me regulate my bowel movement therefore cleansing my body.

I wish to continue the juicing program once a month just to see how it will improve my skin and maintenance.


FOR MORE INFORMATION visit their website and their Facebook.

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