REVIEW: Gran’s Remedy Foot Powder

Ever had those moments where you have to remove your shoes but you’re too embarrassed because you know your shoe and feet smells like a dead rat? It’s tough to have stinky feet and shoes, it’s a major turn off. The best way to treat it is to soak it up in warm water or use an effective foot powder!

I won’t lie, my over-used favorite sneakers has that funky smell going on already, because it’s been through a lot. Thank goodness I found the solution! Gran’s Remedy Foot Powder! This product is available in three variants:

Before I start with the review, here are the things that you need to know about this foot powder:

  • Foot odour control
  • Sweat, bacteria growth & a bad smell
  • Effective treatment for smelly feet
  • The treatment is easy-to-use, and takes only 7 days
  • It’s made in New Zealand


It’s very easy to use. Using the little spoon provided, scoop a spoonful of the powder and sprinkle the powder inside your shoes. You can also sprinkle a bit in between your toes. Watch this instruction video on how to properly use this product:


Gran’s Remedy treats the feet and shoes at the same time. Gran’s Remedy Foot Powder™ works by eliminating the bacteria that causes smelly feet and footwear. Independent research has shown that Gran’s Remedy is 100% effective for actively treating all five of the bacteria and fungi known to cause smelly feet and footwear. The secret is in the unique blend of powders that treats the problem, rather than simply masking it.

TEXTURE: light powder, looks like flour or baking soda


SCENT: odorless

VERDICT: Super effective! The disgusting smell from my fave shoe was removed in 7 days! Plus I used it on my feet and it’s very safe. Kept my feet sweat and odor-free. It claims to keep shoes smelling fresh for upto 6 months… but that one I still have to check.

PRICE: RM 59 (original price RM 84.30)

Effectivity – 5/5

Packaging -5/5

Price – 4/5

So say goodbye to smelly feet and shoes… check out Gran’s Remedy foot powder!



You can purchase this amazing product at Gran’s Remedy website.
For more info check out their Facebook Page and website.





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