Review: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions for New Look

I used to have very long hair reaching up to my waist. But due to a miscommunication with a Korean stylist in PH, my once uber long locks became mega short, which devastated me a LOT. Years passed, my hair grew but still not as long as it was before. And I terribly terribly MISS my long hair.

long hair

So the solution I found? Hair extensions!

But I didn’t want just any hair extensions. I tried a cheap one before and it became all tangled up like wig hair and it was hard to comb. I wanted something that is easy to maintain and yet looks very natural.

Thankfully, I got a chance to collaborate with Irresistible Me to try out their hair extensions. I chose the shade closest to my hair color and made sure that the length was long enough that it would reach up to my waist.


2 weeks later, I received a box from Irresistible Me. I was very excited. I looooove the box by the way.


Inside the box is a plastic with two compartments, the other one is sealed while the other one is not.


The second unsealed compartment contains a weft of hair with three clips, which I can check against my hair to see if I have the right shade, otherwise I can return the package if the shade the doesn’t match (that’s why that side is unsealed, once the main compartment is unsealed you won’t be able to return it).


Thankfully the shade matched!


I checked the hair clippings, they looked sturdy and firmly sewn.


The set came with 10 pieces of hair extensions, one with 4 clips, one with 3 clips and the rest were either 2 or 1 clips.



The clips were easy to put in and stayed in place even if I used the hair extensions the whole day. I did not need to use all the hair extensions, I only needed a few to make my hair look longer and fuller.



I love love the quality of the hair, 100% remy hair so it looks and feels like real hair. I can easily comb it with my hand or comb. I can wash it with shampoo too. PLUS I can flat iron it. Plus the shade is very amazing, it blended with my natural hair!

Over-all I would say Irresistible Me hair extensions are the best! It gave me a new look for 2016 and allowed me to wear long hair again!

20151220_194235 20151219_132904

For more information check out their Website and Facebook Page.

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  • Emily Lowe

    You look lovely with short or long hair. Maybe you should start keeping your hair.

  • Aliza Sara

    So this is the secret to your long hair short hair photos! haha. You look good in both lengths babe :*

  • Miriam Goh

    Gorgeous!! The hair extensions look so natural on you!

  • i think i need this to pull off a new look! 😀 it looks so natural

  • Shivani Balraj

    It looks very natural on you dear – love the look 🙂

  • Miera Nadhirah Tan

    wow… that is just so pretty and it suits you well…I won’t have known that it wasn’t your own hair if you haven’t told me.. lol

  • A great look to start the year babe. You look great in whatever length your hair is. The hair enhances your beauty.

  • Dewi

    I love long hair, but i never hv patient to get it long. Hehe wonder if they also come in curly type?

  • Talking about long hair I somehow think age is one of the factors that our hair doesn’t grow as fast as it used to. Lol

  • Oh dear! How you know I am looking for this hair extension? love you much!

  • Ivy Kam

    Nice, my friend is looking one also for her wedding soon, will share your post with her 🙂

  • leonamanutd

    i think the hair from irresistibleme is really of awesome great quality, i love my hair so much too