Review: mAi Ready Brew Dark Mocha Slimming Coffee

Due to the holiday feasts and parties the whole month of December of 2015, I gained a few pounds and  found out that my waist line, from 25 went up to 27. It didn’t help that I am constantly feeling hungry so I have to satisfy my cravings.

I wanted to try taking diet pills as I remembered I used to take bottle of those, which helped me suppress my appetite. However, I do not know where to buy the safe ones here in Malaysia. Until I discovered mAi Ready Brew, a slimming coffee that promises to trim your waistline in 10 days. I never knew or heard of slimming coffee before, just slimming tea, so I went out and got me a box of mAi Ready Brew Darm Mocha to try.


A box contains 10 sachets, which you have to consume once daily, preferably during breakfast. A sachet has premium Belgian dark cocoa and Arabica beans. Sounds like gourmet coffee right? But with slimming benefits apparently.



  1. Premium Arabica beans – boosts metabolism, speed up calorie burning, burning of fat
  2. Belgian Dark Mocha – stimulates basal metabolic rate to burn more calorie, helps control appetite
  3. Brindleberry – “body slimming magician”, effective at regulating appetite and body slimming
  4. Safflower Oil Extract – promotes body metabolism, eliminates belly fat


  • Regulates appetite
  • improves metabolic rate
  • Burns stubborn fats
  • Increases body muscle mass
  • Elevates body energy
  • Prevents fat reformation
  • Targets lower body esp. abdominal
  • Zero by-effects on human body

TEXTURE: Typical instant coffee powder. Once mixed with hot water, consistency is same as any instant coffee.

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FLAVOR: The dark mocha coffee tastes good surprisingly. I was somehow expecting it to taste awful but it is actually has a nice dark mocha flavor.

PRICE: RM 86 (per box of 10 sachets)



I was informed to do three things while taking this:

  1. Take between 1pm to 2pm – will cause hard time sleeping if taken late esp. during evening time
  2. Drinks lots of water – will make you very thirsty
  3. Sleep early – to avoid late night cravings

During the very first day of trying this drink, I disobeyed the 3 commandments. I was very confident that any sort of coffee will not keep me awake at night, coffee doesn’t have that effect on me. Boy was I wrong… this drink is different! It kept me awake all night! Day 1, I took it at 8pm. It was pretty normal the first hour, but after that I felt very energetic. My mind was active and my body felt awake. I was able to sleep around 5am and was wide awake again at 8am. So learning from that experience, starting Day 2 I drank the coffee every morning or during lunch time (but not later than 2pm hahaha). The drink kept me very awake and energetic the whole day. No wonder it claims to “promote body metabolism”.


One thing to note, is that while taking this drink, I had lost my appetite. I can actually skip lunch and I still won’t feel hungry. There was even three times during the whole 10 day programme that I did not eat breakfast and lunch, but I was still able to get through the day, though I have to warn you, it made me extremely hungry towards dinner time and I felt quite tired and grumpy (due to hunger), I do not suggest you do that.

Also, it is dehydrating, so I found myself feeling very thirsty the whole time. My throat felt parched so I had to drink tons of water every single time.

Effective! Since I have lost my appetite while taking this drink, so got I got rid of my sudden urges to eat in between meals. I easily lost 3 pounds and shed-off a few inches from my waist. From 27 I went back to 25! And I noticed that my belly became smaller! In fact, a friend of mine who didn’t see me for three weeks said that I lost weight and I look slimmer (true story).

This stuff is amazing. I will definitely get another box just for maintenance!


You can purchase this drink at mAi Canteen.

For more info visit their Facebook Page.

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