Review: Skin Place HIFU Firm E-Lifting Treatment

I have issues with my double-chin. I may not have sagging skin or wrinkles yet but my double-chin and fatty right jaw are bothering me. I thought I needed a lift on those parts. However, facial lifts especially the invasive ones are ridiculously expensive (and scary). Although, I did found out about a non-invasive procedure called “High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound” treatment or HIFU.

HIFU is apparently the newest trend when it comes to facial lifting since it tightens and lifts the skin using a hifu device, so it’s non-surgical. It stimulates the collagen production thus making your skin taut and fresh-looking while providing immediate results in as early as the first to second sessions.

I was able to check this procedure out at Skin Place Munoz branch, which they also call “Firm E-Lift”. Tried it out once and immediately got a result right after the first session.

I got the Full Face Area, which targeted all parts of my face, including the neck. It is now on promo at 7,500 PHP/session (Originally priced 8,000 PHP) for the whole face and neck. Take note that this same procedure in other clinics and hospitals costs 14k plus or even higher, using the same device as the one at Skin Place, so theirs is more affordable. But you can also avail of the HIFU/Firm E-Lift treatment by area depending on which part you want the lifting. More information on this image:

Anyway, the whole procedure was painless and quick, mine took less than hour probably around 30 minutes (since I have a small face). It was done by their expert skin specialist. After she analysed my facial features she applied a lubricant gel on my face and started contouring my face using the HIFU device. It was not painful, although some may feel a bit of a zapping or mild electrical sensation once the device is applied.

Recovery time was fast, I was able to go about my tasks for the day right after the procedure. My skin looked brighter, felt smoother and my pores were smaller… also I noticed my face looked slimmer. Though it may not be too noticeable but as you can see from this photo there is a slight slimming on my face right after.

However, do note that results vary per person and depending on your age. Some people would have to take 2-3 sessions before they notice any result and may require to have 5 to 10 sessions to get the maximum result. I suggest to go to their branches first or call them up for consultation.

No make up under the bright sun. Work on your natural contours and lift. Prevent permanent lines and sagging.

My suggestion is you try it out if you want to see a more contoured and lifted face in an instant.


For more information go to Skin Place’s Facebook and Website.


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