REVIEW: SkinSoul Skin Shield Skin Care Range

A few months back, I was privileged to be able to experience SkinSoul’s complete skin care range. As I opened the gift box courtesy of SkinSoul Midvalley branch containing the SkinSoul Mini/Travelling Set , I felt very excited, I was very eager to try them out as I’ve been hearing good things about the product line.

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First things first, here are the important stuff you need know about SkinSoul’s Skin Shield range:

  • 100% paraben free and lead-free
  • no articifial chemical additives
  • main ingredient is Ashitaba (from Japan has powerful healing and regenerative abilities to reverse the signs of ageing, smoothen wrinkles, fade age spots, regenerate skin elasticity and suppleness, heal skin irritation and brighten skin)
  • uses purest Swiss glacial water as water base

The products use the “miracles of nature” (in other words organic and botanical sources) such as:

  • Red Microalgae Extract: protects skin from oxidative damage and pollutants, guards skin from radiation
  • Alps Botanical Stem Cells: anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation
  • Daisy Flower Extract: natural skin lightening and brightening agent

Okay, enough about the tidbits time to review the products!



Packed with skin vitamins and minerals of Ashitaba encapsulated in pure in Swiss Glacier Water that gently washes out impurities, excess sebum and pollution while nourishing the skin’s softness and suppleness.

TEXTURE: Watery consistency. It feels smooth upon application

VERDICT: My skin feels cleansed and refreshed. My skin also feels soft to the touch after every wash.





To target ageing at the core, this serums has been formulated with smaller molecules of Ashitaba’s anti-ageing essence that can penetrate into the deepest layers of skin to restore skin elasticity and firmness.

TEXTURE: watery consistency, a little goes a long way. Though I find it a bit sticky.

20151214_175914 20151214_180005

VERDICT: My skin feels taut after application, pores seem smaller. Not sure about the brightening part as I probably need to use it for a longer time to see the lightening result.





  1. hydrates and protects skin
  2. unifies complexion
  3. whitens and brightens skin
  4. evens out skin tone
  5. conceals and corrects blemishes
  6. fights the signs of ageing
  7. protects skin from UV rays
  8. promotes natural skin health
  9. soothes skin irritation from environmental stress
  10. fights of damaging free radicals
  11. stimulates skin rejuvenation
  12. nourishes skin for a youthful radiance

TEXTURE: Creamy and non-sticky. Quite heavy but not irritating.

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VERDICT: It brightened up my complexion, pores are less visible. I actually go out with only the cream on my face (and a little dusting of powder) as it serves as my tinted moisturiser.





The Ashitaba-enriched night cream is designed to work in synergy to your skin’s natural regeneration cycle by depositing encapsulated retinol in precise concentration that is time-released for skin reconditioning throughout the night.

TEXTURE: light and creamy, easily absorbed.

20151214_175738 20151214_175810

SCENT: Strong flowery fragrance.

VERDICT: Nothing much the first few weeks, but I did notice my face clearing up and find myself waking up looking fresh.


Definitely my favorite out of the set is the 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream. It delivered immediate result and became a great companion to my foundation. The travel set costs RM 500, though you can purchase the items individually in bigger sizes.


SkinSoul now available at: Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall, Holiday Plaza Johor, 1st Avenue Penang, Metrojaya Mid Valley
Or Contact Chong Mink – 0123638789

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  • sherrygo

    yeah I like this too. I use for travel, as I dont like to bring full size only travel 2 days 1 night.

  • Adeline Lee

    I heard lots of good comment about this product babe! Would like to try it out! And they got you a cute and lovely packaging. <3

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    this is a good product, gave it to my mum and wondering if she used it well

  • Jane Chua

    I tried it before and the products were really good. Hope to get it for my Sis as Christmas gift.

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  • Miera Nadhirah Tan

    Love this brand . Used it before and the results were amazing… only set back is probably the price…. cannot afford all the time… hehehe

  • Hi Reia! The product is so good isn’t it? The packaging is cute too 🙂

  • Selina Wing

    Expensive this brand ? I see the results are nice, but I not afford to buy it. Hmm.

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    I heard about this product but have not try it yet. Looks good on your skin.

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    I have been hearing so much good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too 🙂

  • lovely, i think the flowery fragrance gives extra marks eh? 😀

  • Honestly i find the price ridiculously outrageous for something so small lol, considered a “premium” price for a not so famous brand. Despite all that i do like the sun care cream too.

  • Kylie Wenn

    I’m using this, too! Nice to use.. But agree with Arisa.. about the price with something so small..

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