Silk Road Inspiring Modern Fashion

Culture and traditions have been a huge inspiration to the modern fashion scene, not only in the runways but also in daily wear. One of the biggest stimulus to today’s fashion creatives is the silk road.

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But what is the Silk Road? Historically speaking, it’s a significant trade route between China and the Mediterranean, linking regions of the ancient times for trading and business. It is therefore not a surprise that the clothing during the Silk Road era is being brought to the modern times by clothing brands and fashion designers in the runway, evoking style through history.

PHOTO COURTESY OF: Christine Aguilar of She Look Book (photos from Cheongsam Sebastian Gunawan Newest)

2015 China Fashion Week showed models wearing clothes from Cheng Yingfen’s Silkroad from her Cheng Yingfen Collection, where she added a modern touch to the traditional designs. Dung Nguyen, Vietnam’s popular fashion designer, also presented her fashion collection called “China Silk Road” where the fashion line boasted inspirations from the ancient Chinese fashion. And not to mention Japanese-American fashion designer, Tadashi Shoji’s Spring 2013 collection where he took his designs to modern Silk Road.

Tadashi Shoji Modern Silk Road Spring 2013 Collection PHOTO COURTESY OF: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

One of the current trends inspired by the Silk Road are the Skants (Skirts + Pants) and the turnip pants, which are very comfy. Scarves, bags, textiles and even shoes can be seen with the ethnic Chinese and Middle Eastern prints from the said era. There is even a brand called “SilkRoad Republic” inspired by the cultural eccentricity brought about by Silk Road.


It is no question that fashion is now merging culture and ancient concepts into a whole new level and the fashion during Silk Road age is definitely getting a comeback.

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