Review: Skin Place Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Let’s all admit it ladies, most of us are embarrassed going out wearing sleeveless shirts when we dark armpits and definitely when the hair in our armpits are unshaven.

The thing about shaving though is that it makes our armpits darker and plucking makes our UA fugly. Waxing is a good option however I just discovered that there is a better way to remove unwanted hair in the areas we don’t want them there.

It’s called the Laser Hair Removal.

What happens is that a handheld flashgun looking device is passed across the skin emitting a wavelength of light to a targeted area which generates heat thus destroying hair follicles from the roots.

Skin Place was gracious enough to give me 6 sessions of their Laser Hair Removal service to experience this fabulous way of not only removing hair in my armpits but also rejuvenating the skin in those areas.

After laying down, I wore these futuristic looking goggles. They cleansed my underarms first, then shaved the hair and applied some sort of cream before activating the laser device. A bright flash of blue light was emitted and I can actually smell a faint burnt scent after each flash. I wouldn’t say the procedure was totally painless as somehow I felt a teeny bit of shock effect each flash as if my armpit’s being quickly electrocuted or zapped, although it’s really not that painful. Unlike other LHR treatments, Skin Place’s UA Laser Hair Removal package does 2 things. The first part is for hair removal and the second part is for skin rejuvenation. The whole process takes about 15-10 minutes or less.

There were no after effects, I was able to go about my day after each sessions.

After the first session, I did notice my underarm skin became a bit lighter, a bit of hair still grew after 2 weeks, although they weren’t as thick as before.

After the second session, the hair took a longer time to grow, it was prolly around three weeks before they grew back, and hair growth was sparse plus the hair were definitely thinner.

After the third session, same thing, but this time it took a month before hair grew back, lesser hair grew and the dark areas in my armpits were visibly lighter.

It actually took a longer time for me to go back for the 6th and last session, probably about 2 months.

End result (after 6 sessions):
I love the effects! Thinner underarm hair, took a longer time to grow, armpit skin were whiter. Now I feel more confident to raise my arms whenever I’m wearing sleeveless shirts! However, 6 sessions did not permanently removed my underarm hair but the Laser Hair Removal treatment definitely helped in making my armpit skin smoother and lighter. I probably need to do 10 to 12 sessions to completely zap away the hair form my underarms. Then again, it’s a case to case basis. Expect varying results, depending on how thick your hair or how stubborn they are. But for me it definitely worked!

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