SkinSoul Facial Towelettes Wipes Grimes in One Swipe

Waterproof makeup products are my besties. I sweat easily so I use sweat proof cosmetics. But the issue with waterproof makeup is that they’re difficult to remove. Also, there are times that I feel lazy to wash my face at night, either because I am too tired or too sleepy to do so. So, I need a pack of facial towelettes that would completely remove whatever gunk I have on my face.

It was really a good thing that I got invited to test SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes to see if it is truly effective in eliminating grimes and waterproof make-up.


First, let’s talk about what these facial towelettes contain. It is formulated with Swiss Glacier Water, 4 essential oils, 4 anti-oxidants and 3 hydrating and soothing ingredients. It claims to remove pore-clogging impurities, dirt and waterproof make-up in just one swoop without irritation. It is paraben-free and free from harsh chemicals.


I was one of the lucky few who got invited to try out these lovelies straight from the SkinSoul shop at Midvalley Mall. The guy who handed me the SkinSoul products was really nice, he even gave me a short demonstration on how to use the towelettes and told me how effective this product is. Suffice to say I was excited to try it out myself.


So when I got home, I immediately pulled out a towelette and began wiping off my make-up with it. It just looks like baby wipes.


It did immediately wiped off my waterproof foundation, as well as my stubborn waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara. However, it did not eliminate everything in one swoop, I would say it removed the make-up completely after two to three swipes, but definitely the towelette did easily removed my make-up. One towelette was enough.




To see how effectively the towelettes cleansed my skin, I then wiped my face with a cotton of the SkinSoul Hydrating Lotion. And… the cotton still has some make-up residue on it so I would say the towelette removed 98% of whatever’s on my face.


I didn’t feel any sort of irritation or drying sensation on my skin after using it. There were no redness afterwards either. So I’d say it’s safe to use even for sensitive skin. There was absolutely no scent on the towelettes. End result, my face felt refreshed and cleansed after wiping it with the towelette.

NOTE: The guy told me that I can also use the wipes as a facial mask, though I haven’t tried it yet.


For RM 53, the product is worth it, since it has 60 wipes, this will last me for about two months, which is not bad. I’d say this is a good alternative to washing my face when I am too sleepy to do so.


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  • thank you for sharing the information of the clean the skin and face and how to give it for doing for it? each steps you are doing the every moment step for how to do for it? and needs to fullfill to do for it

  • Good Information! I think you can use the wipes as facial mask though you should ask any beauty expert before try it. 🙂