[Sponsored Post] Lego: Giving the Gift of Play

I remembered when I was a kid I wanted to own lego sets. I can clearly recall a time during a holiday gift exchange, my mom bought a lego box for the exchange, I didn’t want to give it because I wanted to keep it for myself. Suffice to say, I was really sad when I had to let go of it (I got a picture frame in return during the exchange, what a bummer hahaha!). So I thought when I grow up I will buy all the lego sets I can buy!

Aaaannddd… Up until now, even though I’m all grown-up, I still like collecting lego sets. It never outgrew me! In fact, I want to complete the Star Wars lego set! Now, don’t judge me. I am not the only one who buys, collects and builds lego as a hobby! I know a bunch of adult people who do the same! You see, even if we’re not kids anymore, we still crazy about lego! There is something about these plastic bricks that is so addicting!


And why you ask? Well, constructing and creating using lego is so much fun and relaxing… somehow bringing back the child in me. And there is this sense of pride every time I finish constructing. And I love getting creative with it!

So when I viewed this video by lego, I felt touched and thought of my childhood.


For me, lego is the best toy ever! And it doesn’t only unite family during the lunar year… but it also unite kids and grown-ups together, whether for play or just for passion. I love lego for life!

How about you? Do you collect LEGO sets too? Why? Share your thoughts below.


 “This post has been presented by LEGO, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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