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I love Ikea… ‘nuff said. What’s not to love about Ikea? They have the best furniture catalogue that’s widely read by people all over the world, best food (love the meatballs) and strolling around IKEA outlets is like sauntering in your dream home… it is THE best place in the world! Everytime I go to IKEA, I get so inspired to refurbish my home and make it look like one of those IKEA set-ups that are so aesthetically pleasing. And not only is IKEA dubbed as the largest furniture store in the world, they also sell durable, affordable, easy-to-assemble and stylish furniture at a low-cost

Photo from ikea.com
Photo from http://bit.ly/1UtKJkz

My favorite spot to visit in Ikea though is the kitchen section. I’ve always dreamt of setting up a nice kitchen with ergonomical furniture and has smart utilization of space. One to look forward to in Ikea’s 2016 catalogue is Ikea’s kitchen range, METOD. It is said to be the successor of the FAKTUM kitchen system. The new kitchen concept enables homeowners to create a lavish looking kitchen for a fraction of the cost. Intended for flexibility, METOD is said to be revolutionary and can be personalised to fit the customers’ needs.

Photo from ikea.com
Photo from http://bit.ly/1UtKJkz

Check out this cool video to get an idea of what I am talking about.

Who wouldn’t want a kitchen like that right? Well, METOD is the sure way to go if you want a customizable kitchen that will suit your taste.

This post has been presented by Ikea, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


For more information check out their 2016 IKEA Catalogue or visit:
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  • zique76

    Interesting designs. Sadly, their furniture isn’t that sturdy especially in our weather. Still had to turn to custom builders for tougher kitchen fittings.

  • Wow interesting designs uh? I love the designs of the kitchen!

  • Carol Lam

    I adored their designs and each season it gets better.

  • Emily Lowe

    The kitchen is one of the best loved places in my house. I just wish that mind was as nice as those shown above!

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Ikea always have the good quality furniture. But the price a bit expensive.

  • Renae Teo

    I love Ikea too! Just strolling around in that huge warehouse is a form of destress for me hehe.

  • Jane Chua

    The kitchen looks nice. Love the way Ikea had decorated.

  • sherrygo

    wow the kitchen looks nice make me wanna makeover my kitchen. Need save money for renovation kitchen 😀

  • Janice Yeap

    the designs are beautiful. thank you for sharing these tips with us! 😀

  • Pamela Yeoh

    i am a big fans of ikea.

  • Miera Nadhirah Tan

    I wish I had my own house and with that house, an Ikea kitchen like this gorgeous ones… huhuhu…… now where can I find a fairy god mother or a magic lamp…..

  • Aliza Sara

    I just saw this on TV! haha. i think any individual would love to have a house that looks like ikea

  • leonamanutd

    ikea is definitely my fav store to shop for furniture, people used to say my house is like an ikea showroom when i first bought it

  • hey, got video. 😀

    good stuff, but the naming is a bit cute. METOD. initially i thought it’s a typo for METHOD.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    I wish i had such a beautiful kitchen and I am fan of Ikea and love their designs.

  • Only thing i do in ikea as a kid is hoard their pencils! LOL.

  • Ivy Kam

    I am not so much into kitchen, but bathroom yes 🙂 I love Ikea’s solutions too to create a comfortable bathroom layout.

  • I love ikea & I love to have my own customized kitchen! Kitchen is my heaven!

  • Jessie

    Love ikea accessories but not really on furniture. Still they had great concept

  • Shivani Balraj

    Oh gosh Reia, was just only shopping at Ikea. Such a great place to get things to really decorate any place up. Customizing at its best.

  • Kylie cre8tone

    IKEA furniture is always the best! Reasonable price quality product!