Sponsored Post/Video: Treasuring Precious Moments With Panadol

When you hear or think of Ramadan what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Lots of food? Fun festivities? Devoted prayers? Deep reflection? Doing something good?

It is indeed during this season that all of the things mentioned above are abundant.But apart from those… there’s this one thing that is also being fostered during this time of the year… and that is “Quality Time” with family and friends.


More time is being spent with family as everyone gathers together to prepare their feasts for Iftar that they later share with each other.



Friends also spend valuable time with one another as they go to food bazaars collectively or dine out for buka puasa.


And of course, families and friends pray together all throughout this time as well.


Truly, it is during Ramadan that close kinship and great friendship is abound. It is during Ramadan that everyone is more united… enjoying each other’s company.


And to celebrate this, the good people behind Panadol Malaysia went out on a mission to gather all these moments all over Malaysia. They collected over 400 submissions of photos and videos depicting how people in Malaysia celebrate Ramadan together, whether it be with their friends or family. People captured and shared their precious moments on social media together with the hashtags #ramadanmalaysia #panadolmalaysia. And right after Aidilfitri, GSK peeps put together all these touching memories into one uplifting video for everyone to view and cherish.

June 24

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you #RamadanMalaysia (prepare your tissues ladies because this is going to be a very heartwarming video)

Individuals who shared their submissions and were qualified got a RM 300 Giants shopping voucher plus a pair of GSC Movie Tickets as a bonus for those who uploaded video clips.


Indeed there is nothing like being with your family and friends during the holy month of Ramadan. Time well spent with family and real friends is worth every second.


“This post has been presented by Panadol, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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    thank for share

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    is such a good informative news.

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    Panadol I always take this when I have headache.

  • Betty Liew siaw fan

    Cool. Is the contest over?

  • Miss RAYA a lot, can gather with all my muslim friends, enjoy kek lapis, chicken rendang and other kuih muih. But once a year only, gonna wait until next year T.T

  • Emily Lowe

    Commendable effort by Panadol to share how Raya is celebrated by common people of Malaysia. It’s a good reminder to get back to basics.

  • Janice Yeap

    This is a good effort by Panadol. Love this! Thank You For making effort to share with us. 🙂

  • Miera Nadhirah Tan

    Amazing effort .. this is really amazing and thanks for sharing it Rei….. hugs

  • Maple SHuh Hong Kok

    it was indeed a great bonding time , and I get to eat a lot of nice malay food as bazaar are everywhere!

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    I love all festive.Ramadhan one of it. love this ad by panadol. Thumbs up!

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    That’s a great compilation depicting family, relationships and unity.

  • This is a good effort by Panadol!!! I love this AD 😀 Thanks for sharing!!

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    Panadol has recently been very active with giving back to society. Love the whole concept of it 🙂

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    It was quite a meaningful ads by Panadol. Love how they bring out the meaning of family precious moment together! Good work from Panadol!

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    Thanks for the share Reia dear. Panadol has been doing quite a bit of CSR activities and this one is a great compilation from them 🙂

  • Kudos Panadol for this amazing CSR activity, and also for bringing folks of all age together this fasting period.

  • Pooja Kawatra Gupta

    Such a beautiful advertisement by panadol. Really touching showing the family time together.

  • congrats on getting the panandol campaign! thanks for the warning, gotta have tissues beside me before watching this lol.

  • Panadol! It’s very useful when you need it. Good writeup here

  • Ivy Kam

    I always treasure the moment being together with family and friends, nice campaign from Panadol, although I don’t really encourage to take it that often.

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    so nice i love it when companies make such great effort to go out into the community to film them for this cause. i love real videos like these.