“Tea For Two” Please at St. Giles’ Lobby Bar

I am an extroverted introvert. Sometimes I like being in events, meeting new people, mingling with bloggers and chatting with the PR or Marketing people. Other times I just want to be spending time alone or hanging out with friends I jive with rather than being in a big group. Whenever I am in that mood I just want to be in a solemn place where I can chill-out and chat with a good friend or two.


Thankfully, St. Giles The Gardens Hotel is offering a “Tea For Two” at their Lobby Bar, which consists of two cups of coffee or tea and a tower of little sweet treats and mini sandwiches, good for two people.


I invited my blogger friend Anis (The Thinker Belle) to join me. We have not seen each other for a while so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up and chit chat.


We were taken to the Lobby Bar of the hotel and sat in comfy seats. The venue was practically a lounge with a bunch of  plush chairs and sofa. It was truly a delight to be able to just chill in a relaxing place with a great friend talking about anything under the sun while snacking on yummylicious canapes. We both loved the peanut butter mochi. It was so soft, bouncy and mushy! It was like eating an anime character or Poring or Baymax. The experience was truly charming. I felt like my friend and I were in an exclusive English Tea Party, just for the two of us.

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You too can experience this lovely experience with your buddy for only RM 48 nett. Do note that this “Tea for Two” promo is only until December 31, 2015.

And if that’s not enough you can also order other snacks from their menu. We didn’t have much to do that day so we ordered a few (?) snacks to try. We requested for their Mixed Satay (RM 26), Chicken Wings (RM 21). Classic Club Sandwich (RM 35) and Farmer’s Sandwich (RM 30). We both originally wanted the Deep Fried Calamari (RM 21) as well but there was none that day so we settled with their Fish Fingers (RM 21), which was pretty good. Our personal favorite is the Mixed Satay. The servings of their food were big, good for two already so we were stuffed towards the end of our food tasting.

_DSC0042 _DSC0024 _DSC0020 _DSC0017 _DSC0011

The night was still young and we were feeling pretty adventurous so we went ahead and checked out their mocktails, all priced at RM 21. We ordered the Fruit Punch , Shirley Temple and Bourne Identity (it sounded catchy so I just had to try it). We both agreed that the Fruit Punch was the best of the three, though there are still a few more selections to try out.


Truly there is nothing like catching a break from my busy schedule for a chance to hang out with my pals. These precious moments are rather rare for me lately. So if you do get an opportunity to squeeze in time to spend with someone dear to you then do grab a TEA FOR TWO!


For reservations please call 03 2268 1188 ext 6128.

Lobby Bar

Lobby Level, St. Giles The Gardens Grand Hotel

8:00am – 11:00 pm

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  • So… you are having all these food? That is a lot for 2 persons! OMG!

  • Sharynn Ling

    the awesome delicious foods, cant even look a while more, make me hungry 😛
    i have follow ur Insta, feel free to follow me ya ^^

    • Reia San Juan Ayunan

      thanks sharynn!

      • Sharynn Ling


  • Miera Nadhirah

    Oh wow… Om nom nom… Lovely place to hangout and the hi tea looks scrumptious…. Miera Nadhirah

  • Nice place to hang out btw~ Love all the various food they have over there! Great sharing dear!

  • sherrygo

    I love to eat satay, its my favourite. didn’t know nice place to hang out until I read it here. 😀

  • Renae Teo

    Looks like a nice place to hang out with loved ones for Hi Tea. Or even catching with friends!

  • Ellie Toh

    The Gardens is one of my favourite place to chill out. Good hospitality service I must say.

  • extroverted introvert. I like this term. first time hearing it.. and i like it! lol 🙂

  • SiennyLoves Drawing

    Thanks for sharing this amazing place with delicious foods/ dessert. It’s gonna be my next chill out place with friends…to enjoy the discount before 31 Dec 🙂

  • yingjie

    so cute, perfect for a girly hi tea meet up!!! 🙂

  • Was just there earlier! The pricing might be on the “at as” side but at least the ambience is peaceful and quiet

  • leonamanutd

    wow so fun, Anis is definitely the best person to hang out with to chat and dine in such a beautiful like this. the range of food looks really good.

  • Sharon Lee

    I am sometimes being introvert too! But this place is really perfect for tea time with friend <3

  • It sure does has a nice ambiance at The Lobby, thanks for sharing!

  • Ivy Kam

    Nice place for a relaxing meet up, and the Tea for Two promo quite reasonable priced 🙂

  • Oohh.. the price is reasonable ! I’d love to try it out

  • Muhammad Hafiz Mohd Hidzir

    For such meals and prices in a hotel, that’s pretty reasonable! Definitely gonna give a try with my girl! 😀 Thanks for sharing 😉